The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge

This inspirational, life-changing challenge happens just one time per year. And it's free. 

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"I asked a former client to help me develop a new program for female CEOs and team leaders. She was so excited about the idea!"

-Give, Ask, Receive Challenge Participant

Asking is a fundamental skill that everyone needs to have.


You want clients to hire you? You need to ask.


You want people to join your mailing list, donate to your fundraiser, or spread the word about your project? You gotta ask.


You would love to have your book or product featured in a local store? Ask.


You’re curious to find out if you could get a grant, scholarship, or raise? Ask.


You have a beautiful dream, and you're wondering if your hero would give an endorsement or join your advisory committee? Ask.

You want to adopt a dog, plant a garden, or convert the attic into a music studio, but first, you need to have a conversation with your landlord and get their approval? It's time to ask.

The more you ask, the faster your life moves in the direction you want.


If you struggle when it comes to asking—you don’t know what to say, you feel awkward, you procrastinate and avoid doing it—then please join us for The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge.


This challenge is offered one time per year. It’s free. And it just might change your life.

How It Works


- The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge is a 5-day challenge.


- It’s happening March 1-5, 2021.


- Each day of the challenge, you will GIVE (do a tiny act of generosity for someone else—like a friend, colleague, client, or even a complete stranger) and then ASK (ask for something you want—ask someone to hire you, ask for an opportunity, ask for support, or anything else).


- Give. Ask. Receive. That's it. Simple and powerful. Repeat 5 days in a row. Watch the magic that happens next!


- Time commitment: Set aside 25 minutes per day x 5 days in a row for best results.


- Open to all ages (great for adults and kids and teens, too), all genders, all faiths, all humans: welcome.


- Open to people from all around the world, not just U.S. residents. As long as you have Internet access, you can do this.

Everything You Get

List of 50 ways you can GIVE and be amazingly generous. (Tons of options that require very little time and cost nothing.)

List of 20 reasons why you should be brave and just ASK already—to motivate you to get moving and do it!

List of 10 things you could ASK for—in case you’re not sure where to begin.

5 templates (fill in the blanks, customize with your info, and send) to help you find the right words and ask for whatever you want. Use these in emails, texts, conversations, and more.

Checklist to track your daily progress and celebrate your wins.

Guidance from communication experts so you can learn how to ask in a clear, confident, and persuasive way.

The priceless energy and power that happens when hundreds of people decide to ASK at the exact same moment.

All together, you get about $1,000 worth of training and coaching from top communication experts—for free. What more could you ask for?

After completing this challenge, you will feel:


Inspired. Energized. Proud. Powerful. Generous. Hopeful.


Excited to keep giving, keep asking, and keep the momentum going.


I get so terrified about asking! Will this challenge help?


Absolutely. This challenge will shift your attitude about asking and help you feel way more confident doing it.


I actually love asking, and I’m pretty good at it! Should I do this challenge? Will I learn anything new?


Definitely! It never hurts to brush up on your communication skills and there’s always more to learn.


This challenge might inspire you to ask for something that you never asked for in the past!


I already ask all the time—but people usually say “no” and it’s so discouraging. Will this challenge help?


Yes. This challenge will help you improve your asking skills. You will learn how to craft a clear, compelling request so that you start getting more Yes’s and fewer No’s.


I really want to do this, but the dates (March 1-5, 2021) don’t work for me. HELP??!


Go ahead and sign up for the challenge anyway, even if the dates aren’t great for you.


That way, you will receive all the challenge materials via email. Save those emails. Download all the lists and templates that you need. And then you can complete the challenge by yourself, independently, later in the year whenever it’s convenient for you.


It’s not quite “the same” as doing the challenge while it’s happening live in March, but it will still be a valuable and inspiring experience. Join us!


Is it okay if I tell my friends, colleagues, and clients about this challenge and encourage them to do it, too?


YES! We appreciate that so much. Please tell (at least) 3 people about this challenge and encourage them to do it, too.


Asking is a crucial skill that EVERYONE needs to have—so please invite your mom, dad, sister, brother, colleagues, clients, folks from your faith center, gym, or yoga studio—everyone. Thank you.


I heard something about prizes??? Tell me more!


This is a 5-day challenge. Complete your daily task, 5 days in a row, and then report back to say “I DID IT.”


You will be automatically entered to win exciting prizes including books, stickers, pens, journals, gift boxes, or even tuition for courses that normally cost $695. We’re giving away thousands of dollars of prizes!


But even if you don’t win a prize, by doing this challenge, you still WIN—because you’re giving, asking, and receiving so many good things.


My life is so jam-packed and busy. What’s the time commitment to do this?


We recommend the following plan:


Prior to March 1, 2021: Set aside 25 minutes to set up your distraction-free workspace, download the materials we send you, and print out your worksheets and checklist. (Printing is optional, not required).


March 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2021: Set aside 25 minutes per day to read your daily email and complete your action step of the day.


We also invite you to attend a 45-minute presentation (live streaming video) on March 1 (first day of the challenge) and March 5 (final day). Both are optional, but come if you want!


After March 5, 2021: Set aside a little more time to sip a celebratory beverage and review how the challenge went for you. What did you do? What’s the main thing you gained? What will you ask for—next?

The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge—

Presented By Your Friends at Get It Done Productions


This challenge is brought to you by:


Alex Franzen, top copywriter and communication expert who has taught writing courses in 18 cities around the world (and online) to thousands of people. She will shift you from asking-phobic to confident, secure, and inspired.


Lindsey Smith, best-selling and award-winning author who loves helping people pitch themselves and unlock big opportunities—media opportunities, book deals, sponsors, funding, and more.


Woz Flint and Marissa LaRocca, customer support with warmth, empathy, and care. Ready to exchange emails with you, cheer for you, and help you complete the challenge successfully.


Lucy Giller, design magic. She makes all your worksheets, checklists, and other materials look A+ amazing.


Learn more about the Team and the courses and services we offer at

Wins, wins, wins!

Rave reviews from people who have completed The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge last year. So many victories!

"I asked my newsletter list to subscribe to my YouTube channel!"

"I asked people to check out my library of free yoga and meditation classes."

"I sent an email to 12 former clients offering them a follow-up program."

"I asked a colleague to review a system I set up to make sure I hadn’t missed anything."

"I’ve asked a friend if she wants to be an accountability partner. She said yes!"

"I asked my community to do random acts of kindness to strangers: a Pay it Forward challenge."

More wins!

Rave reviews from people who have completed our courses!

"From participating in The Email Course, I finally had the courage to send my first newsletter."

-Lina Di Blasio

"I got a project request from the email I sent yesterday!"

-Laura Matteson

"Today I sent an email I've been avoiding for weeks. They replied, and I got far more than I had hoped for! It's such a huge relief, and saved me thousands of dollars."

-Laura Gates-Lupton

"As a Director of Marketing, I'm paid to send emails for clients! But I still managed to get some super fresh ideas and great reminders from this course."

-Eva Raposa