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Book Production Services

Take your project from “Word document” to “actual finished book.”

You've written a book—or at least a pretty solid first draft.


Maybe it needs a little finessing, but it's pretty much done.


And you're wondering:


"Now what? How do I turn this Word document into an actual, beautiful, finished book that I can hold in my hands?"

Hire us, send us your Word doc, and our expert Book Production Team handles everything else.

Once we’ve got your document, we:


Do copyediting to make sure everything flows.


Do interior design and layout including photos and illustrations or not, depending on your vision.


Proofread your manuscript to clean up typos.


Create a gorgeous cover design to bring your book's message to life.


Help you upload your book for self-publishing so you can order as many copies as you want—order one book, ten books, hundreds, or thousands.


Want to sell your book on Amazon and other retailers? We walk you through how to sell your book online. 


Coach you on how to plan a successful book launch, and how to manage those last-minute jitters and insecurities ("What if my book is terrible and everyone hates it?") that often arise.


And, of course, we celebrate with you once your book is all done! 

Your vision + our expertise = win-win!

Maybe you want to create a personal book that is just for you and your loved ones—like a collection of advice for your kids, a family cookbook, or a book honoring your grandmother’s life and legacy.
Or maybe you want to create a book for your clients, students, or a book that’s available for readers around the world.
Whatever vision you have, we can take it from “idea” to “done” and make the experience wonderfully easy (and even relaxing!) for you.

You will love that incredible moment when that package arrives at your doorstep, and you open it, and you pull out your book. A book that you wrote. With your own mind, heart, and hands.
Best feeling ever.

A Few Books We've Produced

Take the Trip interior.jpg
Take the Trip 3D.png
AstroBrand interior.jpg
AstroBrand 3D.png
28 Secrets 3D.png
On Finding Ease 3D.png
Blended 3D.png

An award-winning team

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.17.21 PM.png

Our team includes best-selling, award-winning authors and editors, talented designers, project managers, writing coaches—some of the coolest, kindest humans you'll ever meet.

Learn more about us.


Packages start at $5000.

If you want a complex book with original photography, full-color illustrations for every page, or other design elements that take more time to create, then your pricing might be higher.

If you have a higher word count, then your book might be a little higher.


We will discuss everything with you ahead of time, so there are no surprises. 


We have flexible payment options. If you want to pay a small deposit now, and pay the rest later, we can set that up for you. 

Interested in Book Production Services? Let's talk.

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