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Want to write a book?

We have the ultimate package for you.


Deluxe Book Package

A 12-month book journey.


October 2021 to October 2022.


It starts with a retreat to rinse out your brain and clear distractions.


It ends with a completed book in your hands and a big celebration.


We’re with you the entire way.

You're interested in this package? First step: please fill out this application. Tell us about yourself and the book you want to create. We'll go from there. Thank you!

Phase 1: Clear the distractions and get inspired.


Start your book journey by attending The Unplug Retreat presented by Lindsey, Alex, and the Get It Done team.


A 6-day, 5-night retreat at an award-winning destination spa located on 500 acres of peaceful woodlands. October 24-29, 2021.


Luxurious private bedroom, all meals, and all activities included.


Unplug from social media and email for several days.


Clear distractions. Rinse all the pandemic stress out of your body. Shampoo your brain.


Use this time to get calm, clear, and focused, and get your creativity flowing.


Get yourself into the right state of mind for creating a book.

What is the Unplug Retreat?

Phase 2. Come up with a topic, title, and outline for your book.


During the retreat (or shortly afterward, if you prefer), you'll have a private meeting with Lindsey or Alex to talk all about you and your book.


You have 15 different book ideas? We’ll help you narrow it down and pick one.


You can’t decide on a title? We’ll brainstorm with you.


You’re not sure what your book should include? You have 500 different things you want to include and it’s difficult to weave it all together into an outline that makes sense? We can help.


You’ll work with us to come up with a topic, title, and outline for your book.

Phase 3. Start writing. (And know that a Get It Done Writing Coach is here to support you!)


Next, it’s time to start writing your book.


We invite you to take as much time as you need.


If the book pours out of you rapidly and you’re all done in 3 months, great. If you need 6 months, wonderful. If you need more time? No problem. We want you to go at your own pace. You can take up to 10 months to finish writing your first draft.


We check in with you, twice a month, to see how you’re doing.


You’re also welcome to email us anytime if you need help or have something to share. Lindsey, Alex, or another Book Coach from our team will reply in 1-3 days.


You need a pep talk? You feel overwhelmed? You want someone to glance at your latest chapter and give you some feedback? You’re stuck and want to brainstorm? We’re available—just one email away.

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Phase 4. Copyediting, proofreading, interior layout, and design.


You finished your manuscript. Hooray! It’s not “perfect” yet, it needs a little fine-tuning, but it’s coming together nicely—and it’s time to move along to the next phase.


Next, we pass your draft along to our Book Production Team for copyediting and proofreading.


During this time, our in-house Designer creates the interior layout for your book, plus several cover design options for you to choose from. We work closely with you to create a cover that feels like a work of art that you absolutely love.

Phase 5. Final review before publishing and printing.


The cover is done. The layout is finished. Typos have been fixed.


It’s all coming together. Your project is becoming a real, beautiful book.


We give you several opportunities to take a look, review, and request any final changes you want before it’s officially “done” and ready for printing.

AstroBrand interior.jpg

Phase 6. Book Launch Time! Media, marketing, and bringing your book into the world.


What kind of book launch experience do you want?


A quiet celebration with family and friends? A big, splashy book tour with media appearances along the way? Maybe something in the middle?


As your book is nearing completion, you’ll have another private, online meeting with Lindsey or Alex to discuss how you want to bring your book into the world.


We help you come up with a book launch plan that feels just right for you. Whether you want something explosive and exiting or quiet and intimate, we will help you make a plan.


We also provide a Book Launch Kit, including:


- Setting up your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers, if you want to sell your book online. We handle this part for you!


- Setting up your book for print-on-demand, so you can order as many copies as you want—1 book, 10 books, 1,000 books, however many you need, same price no matter how many you order.


- Professional photos of your book which you can use on your website, in your newsletter, on social media, anywhere you want.


- A book press release written for you and distributed to hundreds of media outlets.


- A media contact list with journalists, editors, and podcast/radio hosts who would love to hear about a book like yours, with contact info, personalized for you.


- Plus, a Book Launch Checklist to keep you calm and organized during this exciting time.

Phase 7. Celebration!


You did it!


Enjoy the feeling of holding your book in your hands! And, yes, it’s okay if you cry!


Millions of people dream about writing a book. Very few people actually do it. You’re now one of the few who can say, “I’m an author.”


We send a special snail-mail gift to you to celebrate this milestone in your life.

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Books We've Produced For Our Clients

Ideal Client

Is this for you?


This package is ideal for you, if:


- You want to write a book and publish it independently (aka “self-publish”).


- You want to work with an experienced team of professionals who’ve worked in the publishing world for 15 years and counting.


- You want the highest level of support. You want the security of knowing that someone is available to help you—and will reply promptly—anytime you need it. You will never be alone on this journey.


- You really want to write a book. You have the seed inside of you. But you suspect it’s probably not going to happen unless you have structure, support, a timeline, and coaching—people helping you get it done.


- You’re motivated to bring your book into the world in the next 12 months or so. The time is now!


- You’re at a place in your life where you’re financially secure and able to invest in a top-notch experience. You want to hire the best and get the best experience! You’re not looking to cut corners or save a few bucks here and there. You want excellence.

The Book Production Team

Lindsey Smith