Frequently asked questions

I don’t live in the United States. Can I do this course?

Yes! Last year, we had people participating from Canada, Sweden, Australia, and many other places. As long as you’re comfortable reading materials and watching videos that are in English, you can absolutely take this course.

I can’t attend some of the meetings. Will they be recorded so I can catch up later?

Yes! All meetings are recorded.

I am worried I will fall behind and won’t be able to keep up with the course. What if I can’t complete everything in 45 days?

This course is designed to have a calm and realistic pace. It is not a frenzied sprint! However, if you need more time, that’s okay. At the end of the course, you receive a download link. You can download all the course materials (workbooks, checklists, videos, assignments, etc.) all in one place. You get to keep these materials forever. So, you can keep learning and working independently even after the 45-day course has ended. There is no rush. Take all the time you need.

Does The Email Course focus on emails or newsletters or both?

In this course, we primarily focus on emails that you’re sending to one person at a time. For instance: - Email to a dream client to introduce yourself and invite them to check out your work. - Email to a colleague to see if you can collaborate on a project. - Email to a local journalist to share info about your work and see if they’d like to interview you. - Email to your hero to ask if they’ll be a guest on your podcast. - Email to follow up with someone who seemed interested in hiring you, but then mysteriously disappeared and never confirmed. In The Email Course, we do spend a little time discussing how to write effective newsletters for your mailing list, but that’s not the main focus of this course. If you want to go deep into all things newsletter-related, check out Newsletter Magic.

Can I just buy the 70 email samples and templates but not the entire course?

That’s a good question! We considered offering just the templates alone, but ultimately decided not to do this. The reason is, you will get much better results if you use these templates paired with the training and coaching that we provide in the course. It’s like the difference between someone handing you a list of instructions on how to build a house versus a professional architect working alongside you, guiding you through the process, and answering your questions as you go. Sure, both options can work, but you’re going to be a lot more successful with the second option! That’s why we offer these templates as part of The Email Course, rather than a stand-alone product

I did this course last year, and I loved it! I am considering doing it again. Will the 2021 course be different than 2020 or exactly the same?

It will be similar, but slightly different. We’ve made a few tweaks to make the program even better than before, including: - Longer format. 45 days instead of 25. More time to take action and implement what you’ve learned. - Additional team members to serve you, which means an even faster response time whenever you email to ask a question. - And a few tweaks to the curriculum to make it even more timely and relevant. Because the business landscape in 2021 is not exactly the same as 2020. Plus, it never hurts to revisit concepts you’ve already learned! A good refresher for your brain.

I don’t run a business / I am not self-employed. Will I benefit from doing this course?

This course is mainly geared towards people who are self-employed—business owners, freelancers, coaches, consultants, artists, makers, creators, people who sell products, services, art, books, or all of the above. However, in last year’s course, we also had a few folks who work in fundraising, the non-profit sector, or have a traditional 9-to-5 office job. Regardless of what type of work you do, chances are, you probably write emails. So, strong email-writing skills are extremely valuable in any profession or industry. If you have a hunch that you’ll benefit from this course, we welcome you to sign up!

I’d like to purchase this course for an employee on my team / for a friend / for my kid / for my spouse / etc. May I do that?

Yes, you can! Just go ahead and enroll as you normally would. Then email us at to let us know the name, email, and snail-mail address for your lucky gift recipient.

I really want to do this course. But I am experiencing severe financial difficulties and can’t pay for it right now. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. We give out (at least) 30 scholarships per year. In the spirit of equity, we give first priority to people of color, queer and non-binary folks, differently-abled folks, and other marginalized people who struggle due to unfair systems in our society. We offer a “pay nothing now, pay what you can later” scholarship. To learn more about the scholarsip and to apply, click here.

This might be a silly question, but is this course only for women? It seems like most of the people who did the course last year were female. Can men do it, too?

Not silly at all! We welcome women, men, and non-binary folks in this course. Most of our course participants tend to be female, but we welcome everyone. All genders, all faiths, all nationalities. All humans: welcome.