The Email Course


One well-crafted email can unlock all kinds of doors.


One email can lead to a new client, media opportunity, speaking engagement, book deal, or flood of support for your project or cause.


One email can change your life. (And other people's lives, too.)


Elevate your email-writing skills from “just okay” to “excellent.”

Learn how to write emails that cut through the noise and command people's attention.

Discover that email can be an inspiring part of your day, not a tedious chore.

You need: The Email Course.

What you gain from this course:

Take your email-writing skills from B to A+.

Learn how to write powerful emails that lead to exciting results.


More clients. More customers. More donations. More support. More gigs. More media buzz. More people saying, “Yes!”

Spend way less time dealing with emails.

No more checking your inbox 2,837 times a day. Learn how to set healthy limits and create better systems.


Less time online. More time enjoying the rest of your life.

Study what works and learn from the best.

Read successful emails that led to media appearances, book deals, and $100K product launches.


Learn why these emails worked so effectively and how to bring the same magic into your own writing, too.

Get a whole new attitude about email.

Email doesn’t have to be a draining chore. It can be meaningful...and even inspiring.


Every email you send is a chance to make your recipient’s day a little better than it was before.

What's included in The Email Course?

Welcome Kit, delivered to you via snail mail.

70 email samples and templates that you’ll use for years to come. (See the list of templates here.)

Online education, including short videos, short emails, and Zoom classes.

Opportunities to reach out and get help on Zoom or by sending a private email.

Worksheets, checklists, and charts to keep you organized and focused.

Rewards and surprises you earn for completing assignments.

Bonus class on $100K emails that led to huge results.

Bonus class on how to write newsletters that people love reading.

The Email Course includes 45 days of outstanding customer support.


Feeling stuck? Need a pep talk? Want some advice? Or want to share an exciting victory? Email anytime during the course. Get a personal reply from an actual human being within 1-3 business days.


Want to see the complete course schedule? Click here!

Enroll soon to secure a spot.

The Email Course is offered just once a year.


The next course begins June 1, 2021. 


We cap enrollment once we reach a certain number of students, so please enroll soon to guarantee a spot in the 2021 course.

Wins, wins, wins!

The Email Course not only improves your writing skills, it also gives you a whole new approach to dealing with email.


Get ready to delete tons of unnecessary messages, unsubscribe from things you don’t need, declutter your inbox, and have a calmer brain.


Read rave reviews from people who completed the course last year.

"I personalized and used your email template (to circle back to a maybe-potential client) with 2 potential clients today and BOTH got back to me within about an hour!"


"OMG. I got a reply in 21 minutes from that email I sent!"

-Kristen Lesar Bridge

"Everything about this class is just second to none - it’s such a joy to be trained by THE BEST!"


"Thank you for showing me a way to market myself that feels genuine."

-Nancy Howze

"Using one of the templates from this course, I booked a new client yesterday. She responded to my email within a couple of hours!"

-Amanda Gist

"I have stopped going into email first thing in the morning and incessantly throughout the day. I've noticed this new focus when I go into email to take an action on my daily list."

-Brenda Holley

An award-winning team

Our team includes best-selling, award-winning authors and editors, talented designers, project managers, writing coaches—some of the coolest, kindest humans you'll ever meet.

Learn more about us.

A few signs that you definitely need The Email Course:

You write emails all the time, but don’t always get the best results. People ignore you, or they reply and say, “no, thanks, not interested.” {crickets}

You have goals you want to reach—client goals, fundraising goals, or revenue goals—and you recognize that strong email-writing skills will be a crucial part of your success.

Your inbox feels like a disorganized, overwhelming mess. You have 5,681 unread emails. You feel a heavy sense of dread every time you log in.

Email zaps your energy. Yet, you feel strangely compelled to check email…constantly…all day long…even when you’re on the toilet or laying in bed. It’s a toxic relationship!

You feel like you spend too much time dealing with email (and staring at a screen, overall). You want new habits, new boundaries, a healthier relationship with technology.

You have a tendency to avoid writing emails that feel uncomfortable. You procrastinate. The task sits there, haunting you, causing stress, all because you can’t find the right words (or the courage) to send click “send.”

You struggle sometimes to ask for what you want, or to make a clear request, especially when it comes to sales or anything involving money. You want to get better at asking.

You want to write emails that people genuinely love receiving. You want people to reply and say, “This was literally the best email I’ve gotten all week. So good. Thank you.”

Got a few questions?

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Check out the FAQs. You might find your answer right there.

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More wins!

"From participating in The Email Course, I finally had the courage to send my first newsletter."

-Lina Di Blasio

"I got a project request from the email I sent yesterday!"

-Laura Matteson

"Today I sent an email I've been avoiding for weeks. They replied, and I got far more than I had hoped for! It's such a huge relief, and saved me thousands of dollars."

-Laura Gates-Lupton

"As a Director of Marketing, I'm paid to send emails for clients! But I still managed to get some super fresh ideas and great reminders from this course."

-Eva Raposa