The Email Course

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Learn how to write emails that are clear, brief, kind, and persuasive—emails that motivate people to take action.


Get more people replying“Yes!” “Sure!” “I’m in!” “Done!” “Sold!” “Let’s do it!”and fewer people ignoring the messages you send.


Get feedback and tweaks on your emails from a team of professional writers.

Best of all: change your email habits, stop constantly checking your inbox, set healthy boundaries, reduce stress, and feel so much better.


Write better. Work smarter. 


Welcome to The Email Course.


*This course is offered once per year. Last day to enroll: May 28, 2021*

I want to enroll!

"Not only do I feel like my email writing skills are improving considerably already, but I’m developing a new healthier relationship with email and only checking it a few times each day now.  If you’re thinking about taking this class, do it…you’ll be so happy you did.” 

- Mindy Meiering


What is the Email Course? 


The Email Course is presented by a company called Get It Done.


This course is online.


Participate from anywhere in the world.


Our goal is to:


- Show you how to write excellent emails. Emails that are clear, brief, kind, and that lead to the results you want.


- Help you get results like: more customers, more opportunities, projects getting done, doors opening for you, and more people saying, “Yes.”


- Inspire you to change your email habits and reduce screen time. So you can spend less time staring at your inbox and more time living your life.

"Today I sent an email I've been avoiding for weeks. They replied, and I got far more than I had hoped for! It's such a huge relief, and saved me thousands of dollars." 

- Laura Gates-Lupton


Who created this course?


The Email Course was created by Alex Franzen, an author, writing coach, and copywriter who has written thousands of successful emails and newsletters for her clients over the last decade.


You also get coaching and feedback from the Get It Done team of writing, marketing, PR, and media specialists.


You’re in great hands.

If I enroll in this course, what do I get? Can I see a list of everything that's included?

Here is a list of everything that’s included in The Email Course. Click the highlighted text to see more.

Classes on How to Write Excellent Emails

Classes on How to Reduce Screen Time and Build Better Habits

Bonus Classes

Feedback on Emails You've Written

Personalized Attention and Answers to Your Questions

Email Templates

Subject Line Samples and Tips

Interesting Reports and Research

Special Activities to Motivate You to Write, Write, Write

Get It Done Snail Mail Box

Flexible Options for All Learning Styles, Abilities, and Speeds


Classes on How to Write Excellent Emails


Watch videos anytime that’s convenient for you.


Discover how to craft emails like a professional copywriter.


Learn writing techniques that you can apply to all kinds of situations: emails to colleagues, employees, clients, customers, and more.

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Classes on How to Reduce Screen Time and Build Better Habits


Learn ways to reduce screen time, declutter your inbox, and set up systems that allow you to get email tasks done in less time.


Goodbye, email stress. Hello, email peace and sanity.


Bonus Classes


Bonus Class: $100K Emails


Take a close look at real-life emails and newsletters that sparked $100K (or more) in revenue for several different companies.


Bonus Class: Newsletters That People Love Reading


Learn how to write newsletters that people absolutely love reading. Newsletters that are so good, people send you fan mail!


Bonus Class: Delegating Emails


Are you thinking about hiring an assistant to handle emails on your behalf? Curious about how to delegate email tasks effectively? Worried that they won’t do “as good a job” as you? This is for you.


Feedback on Emails You've Written


Submit up to 10 emails.


Get feedback and suggestions/tweaks from professional writers.


We’ll show you how to make your writing even clearer and stronger.


Personalized Attention and Answers to Your Questions


Need some advice on a tricky email situation? Want to brainstorm subject line ideas? Feeling stuck and need a writing pep talk?


Email The Email Course team anytime during the course. You can reach out as much as you want. Unlimited times. Yes, really.


You’ll get a helpful reply within 1-3 business days.

Email Templates


70 email templates that you can customize and use in all kinds of situations. Including:


- Email templates to ask people to hire you or purchase your work—product, program, artwork, album, book, etc.


- Email templates to handle tricky situations—like raising your prices or notifying a disrespectful client that you’re no longer willing to work together.


- Email templates to follow up with people who have mysteriously disappeared to close the loop and wrap up the conversation.


- Email templates to announce something new—a new project,
new service, new policy, new mission, or new business direction.


- Email templates to introduce yourself to someone you want to meet—like a mentor or business owner—and make a proposition.


- Email templates to pitch yourself to the media and event organizers.


- Email templates to say “no, thank you” or to set a boundary.


- Email templates to apologize and make amends.


Want to see a few templates for free? Grab those here.


Subject Line Samples and Tips 


Do you struggle to figure what to put into your email subject lines?


We’ve got you covered with plenty of samples, tips, and prompts to spark fresh ideas.


Interesting Reports and Research


Get a report with the latest 2020-2021 research and statistics on emails, newsletters, and email marketing. Good things to know.


Special Activities to Motivate You to Write, Write, Write


You could win a bouquet of flowers, a joyful cluster of balloons, or a box of pastries—delivered to your home.


All you need to do is write and send 10 emails.


We keep you motivated with fun challenges and surprises throughout the course.


Get It Done Box


Hooray for snail mail! We send a Get It Done Box to your home.


This includes a notebook, journal, stickers, pens, a silk sleep mask (to rest in between all those email-writing sessions), and more.

*dog not included.

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Flexible Options for All Learning Styles, Abilities, and Speeds


We strive to make this course as accessible and inclusive as possible.


We provide options so you can listen to high-quality audio, read, watch—or all of the above.


Videos include closed captioning and transcripts.


I want to do this, but I am so busy! My life is hectic. What if I can't finish the course in 45 days?


The Email Course starts on June 1, 2021 and runs for 45 days.


You have 45 days to reach out to your teachers, ask questions, and request feedback on emails you’ve written.


In addition, we give you an online portal with all of your course materials—videos, audio, templates, etc.—organized in one place.


All of those materials are yours to keep forever.


We provide a link so you can download all course materials and save those to your computer—with just one click.


That way, if there’s anything you didn’t have a chance to do during the course, you can go back and catch up later.


So, there is no rush. Go at your own speed.


"Using one of the templates from this course, I booked a new client yesterday. She responded to my email within a couple of hours!"

- Amanda Gist


Can I contact my teachers to ask questions and get help? And will I get feedback on emails I've written?


Yes, and yes! Absolutely!


This is one of the best features of this course.


You can contact us to:


- Ask for some advice on a tricky email situation.


- Request a writing pep talk if you’re feeling discouraged.


- Share an exciting victory (“I emailed and they said yes!”).


- Get feedback on emails you’ve written. (Submit up to 10 emails during the course. We’ll send suggestions/tweaks back to you.)


When you reach out with a question or feedback request, you will get a reply within 1-3 business days.


We have a team of smart, kind, knowledgeable people available Monday to Friday to help you out.


What will I gain from this course? How will this improve my career?


     Take your email-writing skills from B to A+


Learn how to write powerful emails that lead to exciting results. More clients. More customers. More donations. More support. More gigs. More media buzz. More people saying, “Yes!”


     Spend way less time dealing with emails ​


No more checking your inbox 2,837 times a day. Learn how to set healthy limits and create better systems. Less time online. More time enjoying the rest of your life.


     Study what works and learn from the best ​


Read successful emails that led to media appearances, book deals, and $100K product launches. Learn why these emails worked so effectively and how to bring the same magic into your own writing, too.


     Get a whole new attitude about email


Email doesn’t have to be a draining chore. It can be meaningful and even inspiring. Every email you send is a chance to make your recipient’s day a little better than it was before.


When does this course start? Can I see the schedule?


Very last day to enroll: May 28, 2021.


First day of the course: June 1, 2021.


Final day of the course: July 15, 2021.


     To see a detailed schedule—including when Zoom meetings are happening—please hop over here.


Can I get a little *free sample* of this course before I decide?



Yes, you can! Check out a few email templates and samples.

“Everything about this class is just second to none - it’s such a joy to be trained by THE BEST."



What type of person should do this course? Would this be a good option for someone like me?

The Email Course would be an excellent option for you, if:


- You are self-employed or run a business, and you want to write emails to announce projects, connect with customers, and get sales.


- You are a coach, consultant, trainer, or teacher, and you want to learn how to write emails that motivate people to take action.


- You are a fundraiser and want to write emails to donors, sponsors, and allies to inspire them to get involved.


- You are a manager or team leader, and you want to communicate more clearly in your emails. (No more long, tedious meetings that “could’ve been an email.”)


- You are a virtual assistant or customer service agent, and you want to write better emails on behalf of your client or boss.


- You work at a company and writing emails is a crucial part of your job—you’re responsible for writing company-wide emails, pitches, proposals, or project updates.


If any of those situations apply to you, this course is for you.


What type of person should NOT do this course?

Please do not enroll in The Email Course if:


- You have extremely limited funds, or you’re experiencing a financial crisis, and the course fee is not feasible for your budget right now. (Please check out our Scholarship Program.)


- You are racist, homophobic, or just plain mean.


- You have unrealistic expectations about what this course can do for you. Help you write better emails? Definitely. Completely transform your entire life / career / income in a matter of weeks? Probably not.


- You’re offended by cute dog photos and corny jokes and puns about sea creatures. (Because we’re really into that.)

Is this course only for people who live in the United States? Or can folks outside the US enroll, too?


We welcome folks from all around the world!


We regularly have customers from the United States, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and other places, too.


We deliver this course in English.


As long as you’re comfortable reading and writing in English, then you’re welcome to do this!


How can I get the best results form this course?


     Make time for this course


We recommend setting aside 2-5 hours per week.


Please do whatever you need to do to free up this time. Delete Facebook. Skip Netflix one night. Cancel appointments. Delegate chores around the house. Ask a friend to watch the kids.


Carve out the space that you need.

     Ask for help​


We encourage you to contact your teachers/coaching during the course to ask questions, get help, and get feedback.


Please take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t be shy.


     Set realistic expectations​


Set a realistic intention at the beginning of the course.


Would you like to strengthen your email-writing skills? Send out 10 important emails? Create healthier email boundaries? And maybe make a couple new friends or business connections along the way? Great. All totally doable.


I did The Email Course in 2018, 2019, or 2020. Should I do it again? Is the 2021 course different or exactly the same as before?


We have updated the entire course for 2021—brand new audio, new videos, and several new templates, too.


Because the world is not the same in 2021 as it was back in 2018.


If you did the course previously, you’re more than welcome to do it again.


When it comes to writing, there is always more to learn—and it never hurts to brush up your email skills.

What if I enroll in this course, but then I don't like it? Can I get a refund?



We do not offer refunds for any of our courses, services, or subscriptions. Thank you for respecting this policy.


We know that enrolling in a course can be a big decision.


We encourage you to take your time in making this decision.


There is no pressure and no rush. If you ultimately decide not to do The Email Course this year, perhaps next year you’ll join us.


If you are not sure you will like The Email Course, we recommend that you:


- Spend some time familiarizing yourself with Alex’s work (she’s your main teacher for the course). Read her newsletter. Read her articles. Check out her free resources. See if you’re drawn to her writing and teaching style.


- Come to a Get It Done mini class. These are free. We do these several times a year.


- Email us or schedule a call to discuss any questions on your mind.


- Read reviews from folks who did The Email Course last year.

I really want to do this, but I can't afford it right now. Do you offer scholarships for this course? Or any other options for me?



Yes! We do have a Scholarship Program.


We are giving out 100 scholarships in 2021. Many have already been claimed, but a few are still available. Please go here to see more info.


More options to consider:


- Ask your employer or favorite client if they’d be willing to purchase The Email Course for you or reimburse you for it.


- Find a creative way to rustle up the funds that you need. Maybe you could sell books or clothes you don’t want. Or perhaps there is a grant, award, or another funding opportunity that could cover the cost.


- Ask your tax preparer if The Email Course would be a tax-deductible business expense for you. It might be!


- Choose a 3-month or 6-month payment plan at checkout if you want to do this course, but don’t want to pay the full amount right now.

Wins, wins, wins!

We love our customers.


And we love seeing their brave steps and exciting victories.


“I deleted 1,000 emails today. I was finally ready to let go."

- Iris Grattan


"From participating in the email class is that I finally had the courage to send my first newsletter."

 - Lina Di Blasio


"I personalized and used your email 3. (to circle back to a maybe-potential client) with 2 potential clients today and BOTH got back to me within about an hour!"

- Karen


"Love your marketing and email classes, I despised social media marketing and it was so refreshing to hear your take on it. They have literally changed my life and bank account."

- Laree Griffith


How much is this course?


The Email Course is $695 USD.


You can make one payment.


Or you can divide your payment into a 3- or 6-month installment plan.


This course fee includes online education (videos, audio, email templates, writing tips in the online course portal), feedback and suggestions/tweaks on emails you’ve written (up to 10 emails), unlimited questions (ask as many questions as you want during the course, get a reply in 1-3 business days), plus a snail-mail box of treats shipped to you.

Can I ask something else that isn't mentioned here?


Please email us or schedule a time to chat.


Okay, where do I sign up?


Right here! We’re excited to “see” you in June!

More wins!

We love our customers.


And we love seeing their brave steps and exciting victories.

"I have stopped going into email first thing in the morning and incessantly throughout the day. I've noticed that with this new focus when I go into email to take an action on my daily list."

- Brenda Holley

"This class has been so refreshing, affirming, and "daymaking" for me. I have a whole new perspective (& boundaries!) around email and am working to instill healthy new habits in myself and my family. I've unsubscribed from dozens of lists and deleted thousands of unread emails from my inbox. I already feel so much lighter!"

- Dallas Woodburn

"I deleted over 20,000 unimportant, unread emails that weighed on me. They made me feel disorganized. Cluttered. Behind. Each time I saw the number of unread messages, I was reminded of these things. Now my inbox feels clear and happy, filled with only good things."

- Chandra

"OMG. I got a reply in 21 minutes from that email I sent!"

- Kristen Lesar Bridge


“This course is my first experience with you, and I value the ease in your delivery. Your enthusiasm, kindness, experience and overall presence resonates with how I wish to communicate in my work.  Thank you for this beautiful reminder!”

- Jennifer Quarles