Marketing Without Social Media

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March 10, 2021
10 am Hawaii / 12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm London

This class is quick, inspiring, and eye-opening.


It happens just one time per year.


And it's free. ​


Sign up and we’ll see you there!


How many of these statements are true for you?


- You run a business or plan to start one soon.


- You want to find more clients and customers and bring more money in the door.


- You feel like you’re allergic to marketing. You don’t enjoy it. You find it overwhelming, tiring, and discouraging.


- You feel exhausted by social media. It’s so noisy, draining, and sometimes, a really scary place. You want to cut back—or maybe delete your accounts entirely.


- But you worry that leaving social media (or using it less) might hurt your business.


- You’re curious to learn ways to promote your work, find customers, and generate revenue but without using social media.


- You would love to unplug more and create a healthier relationship with technology. Less scrolling. More living.


- You would love to get a couple of marketing tips (and mindset tips) from expert teachers who are inspiring, calming, and who will make you feel 10,000 pounds lighter and way less stressed out.


If any of that describes you, then please join us for the Free Mini Class on Marketing Without Social Media.


This 75-minute class is offered one time per year. It’s free.


Last year, we had more than 1,000 people attend—and we’re excited to do it again!

What you'll gain from this class: 


- Learn 5 marketing options that don’t require social media—things you could try immediately, no matter what kind of business you run.


- Get the latest statistics on how excessive screen time and scrolling harms your health—and positive ways to cut back.


- Get motivated to delete social media forever or, at the very least, take a break, cut back, and use it more mindfully and purposefully.


- *The best part* Get a tour of our exact marketing plan for this year. We walk you through everything we’re doing to reach our revenue goals for 2021. This behind-the-scenes tour will give you great ideas that you can bring into your own business, too.


- Plus: amazing prizes! We’re giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes. All you need to do is show up for class, stay until the end, and you might win.

What to expect:


- This class is happening Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 10 am Hawaii / 12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm London.


- After you sign up, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to watch.


- You can join us to watch the class while it’s happening live. Or watch the recording later.


- We also send you an amazing packet with marketing tips, worksheets, and more.

Time commitment and more details:

- This free mini class is 75 minutes long.


- We recommend that you set aside an additional 25 minutes to read through your packet and complete your worksheet, either before or after class.


- Open to all ages but recommended for adults, 18 and up.


- Open to all genders, all faiths, all types of businesses and professions, all humans: welcome.


- Open to people from all around the world, not just U.S. residents. As long as you have Internet access, you can do this.

Everything you get:


- 75-minute video presentation led by caring, generous teachers.

- List of 21 marketing ideas that don’t require social media.

- Packet with our company’s exact marketing plan for 2021.

- Worksheet to help you figure out your “next steps” after the class.

- A whole new attitude about marketing and what’s possible for you.


Simple, refreshing ideas. An encouraging atmosphere. Guidance from top communication and marketing experts—for free.


What more could you want?

After completing this challenge, you will feel:


Hopeful. Inspired. Calm, yet energized.


We call it: Calm-ergized.


Excited to take action and create momentum.


I absolutely detest marketing. I am allergic. It is the bane of my existence. Will this class help?


Absolutely. This class will shift your attitude about marketing and help you see things from a new perspective.


Dare we say it? You might even feel inspired about marketing after this class!


I love marketing, and I’m pretty good at it! Should I come to this class? Will I learn anything new?


Definitely! It never hurts to review concepts you already know and brush up on your skills. Plus, there’s always more to learn.


This class might unlock ideas that had never occurred to you before.


I hate social media, and I want to quit! But I am scared that leaving social media will hurt my career and income, and I just can’t afford to take that kind of risk. I have FOMO: fear of missing out. Will this class help?


Oh, yes. We’ve got the cure for your FOMO.


Come to this class. We’ll show you that leaving social media doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become less visible or prosperous.


In fact, taking a break from social media can provide a surge of new energy, creativity, and success.


I enjoy using social media, and I don’t necessarily want to stop. Should I come to this class?


For sure! You are welcome to come along.

Social media can be a beautiful tool. If you love it and find it beneficial, by all means, use it!


However, our stance is that social media is optional—not mandatory.


There are plenty of other ways to spread your message and find customers—and that’s what we’ll dig into during this class.


This class looks really cool—but I am so exhausted lately. I just don’t have much energy to focus on marketing, revenue, or any big goals, really. Should I even bother coming? Or will this class exhaust me even more? I am just so tired.


We’re sorry you’re feeling exhausted and you’re definitely not alone.


So many of our clients and folks in our community are feeling exceptionally tired lately, for so many reasons.


We welcome you to join us. You’ll find that our teaching style is uplifting, calm, yet energizing. We call it: calm-ergizing. This might be just the mood-lift that you need.


I came to this class last year, and I loved it! Should I come again or will it be identical to last year?


Come again! You’ll get a great review of concepts you learned last year—things you may have forgotten. Plus, we’ve added *new things* this year that you will love.


I really want to do this, but the date (March 10, 2021) won’t work for me. HELP??!


Go ahead and sign up for the class anyway.


That way, you will receive all the materials via email, plus we’ll send you a recording of the class which you can watch anytime.


It’s not quite “the same” as attending the class while it’s happening live, but it will still be a valuable and inspiring experience. Join us!


Is it okay if I tell my friends, colleagues, and clients about this class and encourage them to do it, too?


YES! We appreciate that so much.


Please go ahead and tell 3 people (or more!) about this class and encourage them to sign up and attend, too.


Invite your mom, dad, sister, brother, colleagues, clients, folks from your faith center, gym, yoga studio, people in your business network or professional association—everyone. Thank you.


I heard something about prizes??? Tell me more!


Oh, yes! Stay until the very end of class and you might win a prize.


We’re picking one person (at random) to win a media outreach kit—personalized for you and your company—created by a PR expert on our team.


If you’re curious about pitching yourself to the media, but you don’t know what to say or who to contact, this kit shows you exactly what to do.


We’re also picking one person to win free tuition on the course of your choice. See options here. Who knows? It might be you!

But even if you don’t win a prize, by attending this class, you still WIN—big time. Because you’re gaining excellent ideas. For free.


I heard that you offer a course on Marketing Without Social Media? What’s the deal on that?


We sure do! This Free Mini Class on Marketing Without Social Media on March 10 is just a teeny tiny taste of a larger course that we offer. See more info and enroll here.

Free Class—

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This challenge is brought to you by:


Alex Franzen, top copywriter and communication expert who has taught courses on writing, marketing, and publishing in 18 cities around the world (and online) to thousands of people. She deleted all her social media accounts 6 years ago. She will open your mind to marketing possibilities that you never considered before.


Lindsey Smith, best-selling and award-winning author who loves helping people pitch themselves and unlock big opportunities—media opportunities, book deals, sponsors, funding, and more. You want to learn how to get featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and other exciting places? Linz is your gal.


Woz Flint and Marissa LaRocca, customer support with warmth, empathy, and care. Ready to exchange emails with you, cheer for you, and help you complete the challenge successfully.


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Wins, wins, wins!

Rave reviews from people who completed our Marketing Without Social Media Course last year. 


Check out these exciting wins!

“I finished Assignment 1, and within 23 minutes I heard back and sold my 1:1, $1495 program!! Yes, I'm shedding happy tears."

-Dr. Dominique Chlup

"I was rehired by 6 favorite clients, and 1 new client!"

-Hilarie Dahl

"I followed up and pitched myself to a podcast and she said YES! I'm going to research more podcasts where I might be a good fit."

-Stacey Spensley

"I took a bold leap & emailed a MAJOR prospect for work and she emailed me back...and said yes!"

-Billi Miller 

"I sent some resources to a current client, and offered a continued partnership for 3 months for their leadership team for $9300. They said yes! Also, just a few days later, a client applied to work with me, and booked a $20k coaching agreement. I feel just being in the program opened my ability to get clear on what I want, why I want it, and receive a whole lot more."

-Jadah Sellner

"The main thing I’ve gained from this program is MOMENTUM.  I had all these ideas but felt stuck. Seeing it broken down so easily…simply make a list of potential clients and customers to contact, reach out to those names, rinse and repeat. It's not necessarily 'easy' and it does take courage but it's not complicated. I can do this."

-Dionne Nicole