Newsletter Magic

Do you have a newsletter—or plan to start one soon?


This is for you.


With Newsletter Magic, you will:


- Get newsletter tips from professional writers. (Fresh tips. Brand new. Every month. Always something different.)


- Submit newsletters you’ve written to get feedback and tweaks to make your writing even stronger.

News Magic iPad.png


- Learn how to grow a bigger mailing list and get more people seeing your work.


- Get into a consistent writing groove, write more often, and feel proud of what you are sending out.


- Learn how to create a newsletter that’s so good, people rave about it to their friends.

Get the Magic!


“Oh my got me MOVING on those newsletters. I wrote my third newsletter this morning, and I have a few more brainstormed on the sheets you sent.”

- Kristin Veenema Stryker


What is Newsletter Magic?


Newsletter Magic is a monthly subscription.


Every month, you get:


- Tips from professional writers on how to create a newsletter that people absolutely love reading.


- Feedback, suggestions, and tweaks on newsletters you’ve written.


- Special activities (like writing challenges and prizes you can win) to keep you focused, motivated, and writing, writing, writing.


See more details about what’s included in your subscription.


Get a Newsletter Magic subscription.


Start anytime. Try it for one or two months. See if you love it.


If not? Cancel anytime. There's no long-term commitment.

Who created Newsletter Magic?


Newsletter Magic is brought to you by a company called Get It Done.


With Newsletter Magic, your main teacher will be Alex Franzen, co-founder of Get It Done. She’s a business owner, professional copywriter, and 6-time published author.


Alex started her own newsletter 10 years ago and has grown her readership from 0 subscribers to more than 13,000 people.

She loves sharing tips on how to become a stronger writer, gain confidence, find your voice, and build an audience for your work.


With Newsletter Magic, you also get coaching and feedback from our team of writing, communication, marketing, PR, and media specialists.


Our team includes award-winning writers and editors.


We’re kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable.


You’re in great hands.

“I love writing newsletters with clarity and focus now. Newsletter Magic is awesome!”

- Dena Argyropoulou


Once I get a Newsletter Magic subscription, what happens? What do I get? What's included?

Here’s how it works:


Immediately after purchasing your Newsletter Magic subscription, you get:


    A welcome note to get you started.


    An invitation to introduce yourself and share info about your writing goals.


    List of 15 different types of newsletters you could write.


    List of 12 great ways to grow a bigger mailing list.


    Newsletter subject line ideas and examples.


    Newbie Newsletter Checklist: how to get started and send out your very first newsletter (if you haven’t done this yet).


    Advanced Newsletter Checklist: how to grow your readership and create a more distinctive writing style (if you’ve already been writing for a while).


    Music playlists to get you into a focused writing groove.


    Access to the Newsletter Magic Forum in case you’d like to introduce yourself to fellow newsletter writers, too. (If you want! Optional. No pressure.)


In addition to all that, every month, you get:

Feedback on Newsletters You've Written


Submit up to 3 newsletters per month.


Get feedback and tweaks from professional writers. We reply in 1-3 business days.


Personalized Attention and Answers to Your Questions


Want to brainstorm subject line ideas? Feeling stuck and need a writing pep talk? Got a question about anything newsletter-related? Ask away!


Submit up to 8 questions per month. We reply in 1-3 business days.


List of Fresh Newsletter Topics


We give you a list of fresh newsletter topics every month.


A list of topics based on what’s happening in the news right now, cultural trends, historical events, holidays, and major themes that your readers are thinking about.

Astrology Dates Especially for Newsletter Writers


We give you a list of astrology dates every month.


Best dates to click “send” on your newsletter. Best dates to surprise your readers with a delightful gift. Best dates to announce something new. All the dates you need to know. Fascinating!


Quick Classes to Build New Skills


Every month, we send you a brand new class.


New topic every month.


Go here to see class topics that are coming up soon.


Each class is brief and inspiring. 35 minutes or less. Just enough to stimulate your mind without being overwhelming.


Watch conveniently from home, any day, any time you want. ​


Special Activities to Motivate You to Write, Write, Write


You could win a bouquet of flowers, a joyful cluster of balloons, or a box of pastries—just for writing and sending your newsletter.


We keep you motivated with fun surprises every month.

Gentle Nudges to Keep You on Track


We check in with you—every month—to see how you’re doing.


Are you writing regularly? Yes? Kinda? Not so much? Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to get the words flowing?


We check in to help you stay on track.

“I am so grateful for Newsletter Magic. Right out of the gate, you all are nailing it. I LOVE it! In just this first month, I have already learned so much, feel so supported & wildly inspired. Thank you, thank you!”

- Jodi Golda


Can I contact my teachers to ask questions and get help? Will I get feedback on newsletters I've written?


Yes, and yes! Absolutely!


This is one of the best things about Newsletter Magic.


You can contact us to:


- Ask for some advice on a tricky newsletter situation.


- Request a writing pep talk if you’re feeling discouraged.


- Share an exciting victory (“I just wrote my 50th newsletter!” “I got 20 new subscribers this week!” “I wrote a newsletter and then someone hired me—hooray!”)


- Get feedback on newsletters you’ve written. (Submit up to 3 newsletters per month. We’ll send suggestions/tweaks back to you.)


When you reach out with a question or feedback request, you will get a reply in 1-3 business days.


I really want to do this, but I can't afford it right now. Do you offer scholarships for this course? Or any other options for me?



Yes! We do have a Scholarship Program.


We are giving out 100 scholarships in 2021. Many have already been claimed, but a few are still available. Please go here to see more info.


More options to consider:


- Ask your employer or favorite client if they’d be willing to purchase Newsletter Magic for you or reimburse you for it.


- Find a creative way to rustle up the funds you need. Maybe you could sell books or clothes you don’t want. Or perhaps there is a grant, award, or another funding opportunity that could cover the cost.


- Ask your tax preparer if Newsletter Magic would be a tax-deductible business expense for you. It might be!


- Choose a 3-month or 6-month payment plan at checkout if you want to get the Annual subscription, but don’t want to pay the full amount right now.


Can I sign up anytime?





You can purchase a Newsletter Magic subscription any month, any day, any time.


Whenever you are ready for this, we’re ready for you!

Can I stop my subscription anytime?





When you get a Monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime. There is no long-term commitment.


When you get an Annual subscription, your subscription will automatically end after one year. We will ask if you’d like to renew for another year or not.


“You model that there is so much generosity in words, a considerate approach, and even by an eloquent ask that takes away any guesswork for the client. I feel like I have a compass.”

- Catherine White-Gardner 


If I get a Monthly subscription, can I *upgrade* to Annual later?


Yes! Just email us and say, “I want to upgrade to Annual,” and we’ll make it happen.


We will apply whatever you already paid to your Annual subscription, which means you will end up saving money.

Are there any Zoom meetings that I will need to attend? I hope not. I am very tired of Zoom.





No Zoom meetings. Zero. Zilch. Not even one.


We create video and audio classes for you to enjoy.


You can dig in conveniently on your own schedule, whenever you feel like it.


Audio is recorded with a professional studio-grade microphone (it’s the same kind of mic that Taylor Swift uses, by the way) to bring you excellent sound quality.

What type of person should do Newsletter Magic? Would this be a good option for someone like me?



Newsletter Magic would be excellent for you, if:


- You already have a newsletter or plan to start one soon.


- You want to send out your newsletter more consistently.


- You want to create a newsletter that is remarkable, special, and really stands out—one that readers absolutely love.


- You’ve been stuck in a creative rut for a while, procrastinating, stalling, avoiding writing, and you need a little nudge to get moving.


- You want to grow a bigger readership and get more people on your mailing list.


- You have something to sell (product, book, artwork, music, services, courses), and you want to write newsletters that inspire people to click “purchase.”


- You work in the marketing industry (copywriter, brand strategist, etc.), and you’re always looking for ways to become an even better writer.


- You work at an organization, and you’re responsible for writing the company newsletter. (Hint: ask your employer if they will purchase Newsletter Magic for you.)


If any of those situations apply to you, this is for you.


What type of person should NOT do this?



Please do not purchase Newsletter Magic if:


- You have extremely limited funds, or you’re experiencing a financial crisis, and the fee is not feasible for your budget right now. Please check out our Scholarship Program.


- You are racist, homophobic, or just plain mean.


- You have unrealistic expectations about what this subscription can do for you. Help you write better newsletters? Definitely. Completely transform your entire life / career / income in a matter of weeks? Probably not.


- You’re offended by cute dog photos and corny jokes and puns about sea creatures. (Because we’re really into that.)


What if I don't live in the United States? Can I still do this?



We welcome folks from all around the world!


We regularly have customers from the United States, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and other places, too.


We deliver Newsletter Magic in English.


As long as you’re comfortable reading and writing in English, then you’re welcome to do this!

How can I get the best results from Newsletter Magic?


     Make time to write


We recommend setting aside at least 2 hours per week, so you can write, write, write.


Please do whatever you need to do to free up this time. Delete Facebook. Skip Netflix one night. Cancel appointments. Delegate chores around the house. Ask a friend to watch the kids.


Carve out the space you need.

     Ask for help​


We encourage you to contact your teachers/coaches to ask questions, get help, and get feedback on newsletters you’ve written.


Please take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t be shy.


     Set realistic expectations​


It’s unlikely to go from having 0 newsletter subscribers to having 50,000 readers in a matter of weeks.


It takes time to find your writing style. It takes time to build confidence. And, if you are selling products/services, it takes time to grow a mailing list and earn people’s trust.


Go into Newsletter Magic with hope and excitement—and, also, with a realistic attitude, patience, and persistence.


What if I get a Newsletter Magic subscription but then I don't like it? Can I get a refund?



We do not offer refunds for any of our courses, services, or subscriptions. Thank you for respecting this policy.


The good news is—with Newsletter Magic, there is no long-term commitment.


You can get a Monthly subscription, try it out for a month or two, and see if you love it. If you don’t? Cancel anytime. No problem.

Can I get a little *free sample* before I decide?

Yes, you can! Here’s a tiny taste:


- A welcome note from Alex. Read or listen.


- Worksheet to figure out your newsletter plan for the next month. Read.


-  Newsletter topic ideas for May 2021. Read or listen.


- Astrology dates for May 2021. Read or listen.

News Magic .png

Should I get a Newsletter Magic subscription? Or should I hire a professional writer who can write my newsletter for me? Would that be better?


Both options are great.


If you run a company and want to hire a professional copywriter to write newsletters for you, that’s a great option.


Hiring an experienced writer will typically cost $1,000 to $5,000 per month, depending on who you hire and how many newsletters you want them to write.


Sometimes, outsourcing this task is the right move—especially if you don’t enjoy writing.


Newsletter Magic is $295 a month for a Monthly subscription, or $207 per month when you commit to a whole year with the Annual subscription.


We offer a great way to get tips, feedback, and suggestions from professional writers—but at a much lower cost.


We’re not writing “for” you, but we’re here to help you become a strong, confident writer and create a newsletter that people love.

Wins, wins, wins!

We love our customers.


And we love seeing their brave steps and exciting victories.


Read reviews from people who love Newsletter Magic.


“I read the packet, got inspired, and an hour later a newsletter was done and sent. Super exciting and feeling inspired.”

- Hillary Rubin


“I can’t believe I did it! I wrote (and sent) three newsletters. YAHOO! I can’t wait to write more.”


 - Kim Sopman


“I am enjoying and actually learning so much from Newsletter Magic. I love receiving your emails; they are like big hugs and encouragement. Thank you so much.”

- Lana Tukuniu


“This membership has already been so helpful, thank you! I definitely need to ask people to share. I never do that! I will be implementing that immediately!”

- Ashley Looker


Even more wins!

“My favorite win of the month was to FINALLY get a newsletter signup back on my website (I’d been in newsletter transition/stagnation so NO ONE could sign up). This happened because of my signing up for this program. So grateful for the dang nudge!”

- Hélène Scott


“Thank you for kicking my b**t in this programme.”

- Antonia Taylor


“INSPIRATION OVERLOAD. So grateful I signed up for this. Divine timing. My whole life I have struggled with my story that I am not good enough, especially when it comes to writing. Your first Newsletter Magic packet was full of treasures. Suddenly, the words are flowing.”

- Nancy Medwell


“Thank you for helping me get fired up again to share my thoughts in a newsletter. Your Newsletter Magic is full of ideas and incentives, and I am very grateful I've found you.”

- Sylvie Claire MORIN


How much is it?


Newsletter Magic - Monthly subscription


- $295 USD per month.


- Start anytime. Stop anytime. No long-term commitment.


- You can start with a Monthly subscription and then upgrade to Annual later, if you want. We apply whatever you already paid so you save money.


Newsletter Magic - Annual subscription


- $2495 USD per year.


- This breaks down to about $207 per month.


- Save $1045 per year compared to the Monthly subscription.


- Start anytime. Subscription ends automatically after one year. We will ask you if you’d like to renew for another year or not.


Whether you choose the Monthly subscription or Annual, you still get all the same benefits: writing tips every month, feedback on newsletters you’ve written, friendly coaches who check in, nudge you, and keep you on track. Either way—you get all the magic!

Can I ask something else that isn't mentioned here?


Please email us or schedule a time to chat.


I am in! Show me how to get a subscription please?