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This is happening just one time this year.

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Do you have a newsletter?


Or do you plan to start one soon?


Would you love to grow a bigger mailing list?


Would you like to strengthen your writing skills and create newsletters that people absolutely love reading?


Do you want to write newsletters that are so good, people literally email you to say, “This is my favorite newsletter ever!” Thank you for brightening my day!” “I love everything you send!”


If you’re saying “YES!” to all that, sign up for Magic May.


Get 30 days of newsletter tips from professional writers. Completely free. Starting May 1, 2021.


What is Magic May? 

Magic May is a chance for you to try out a subscription program called Newsletter Magic for 30 days—for free. Like a 30-day free trial.


During Magic May, you get newsletter writing tips, inspiration, encouragement, and pep talks from professional writers.


Our goal is to help you improve your writing skills and grow a bigger readership for your work.


What do I get when I sign up?

You get a bundle of magical treats emailed to you throughout the month of May.


It’s like your birthday, all month long! One delightful treat after another!


A peek at what you get:


     List of newsletter topics that your readers will love.


Do you ever sit there wondering, “What should I write about this month? I can’t think of anything…?!”


We give you a list of topics based on what’s happening in the news right now, historical dates, holidays, and cultural trends.


     List of 12 ways to grow a bigger mailing list.


You want to get more people onto your mailing list—but you’re not sure how to do it? This list will help you out!


We give you a list of 12 simple things you can do immediately.


Learn how to grow a bigger list without purchasing expensive ads, without social media, and without any sleazy tactics.


     Mini class: Get More Sales


Business owners, this is for you. Learn how to how to craft newsletters that inspire people to say, “Yes!” and purchase your products/services, instead of, “Hmm, no, thanks, maybe later.”


     Astrology dates you need to know.


If you’re into astrology, you will love this!


We give you a list of important dates for the month of May 2021 that you need to know—the best dates to start a new project, announce a new service, share a powerful true story, and more.


     A writing challenge with prizes.


Write 3 (or more) newsletters during the month of May, show us proof that you did it, and you’ll be entered to win an epic prize: a Get It Done Box with a journal, pens, stickers, silk sleeping mask (rest up to do more writing tomorrow), and more.


     Plus, a couple surprises that we’re not revealing…yet!


Hints: dog photos, music playlist, Hawaii, crystals, and chocolate.


Who created this?

Magic May is brought to you by a company called Get It Done.


We specialize in writing, publishing, and marketing services.


During Magic May, your main teacher will be Alex Franzen, co-founder of Get It Done. She’s a small business owner, a professional copywriter, and a 6-time published author.


Alex started her own newsletter 10 years ago and has grown her readership from 0 subscribers to more than 13,000 people. She loves sharing tips on how to become a stronger writer, gain confidence, find your voice, and build an audience for your work.


What type of person should do this?

Magic May would be excellent for you, if:


- You have a newsletter or plan to start one soon.


- You want to grow a bigger mailing list and get more people seeing your work.


- You want to become a stronger writer, and you’re always looking for ways to grow and improve.


- You want to become more consistent and send out your newsletter regularly, instead of sporadically.


- You want more people responding to your work—emailing you back, purchasing your products, hiring you—instead of feeling like you send out newsletters, and they just get ignored.


- You want to bust out of a writing rut, get some fresh ideas, and get your creativity fired up.


If any of that sounds like your situation, then you will love Magic May.


Do I have to pay anything to do this?


Nope, you don’t! Magic May is completely free.


All we need is your name and email to get you signed up.


You don’t need to provide a credit/debit card or any payment whatsoever.


Towards the end of Magic May, when your 30-day free experience is expiring, we will invite you to purchase our subscription program called Newsletter Magic.


If you decide to purchase Newsletter Magic, that’s exciting!


If you decide “no, thanks” that is completely fine, too.


Either way, we hope you enjoy Magic May and get a lot out of it.

Starfish 3.gif

I am a total newbie! I just started my newsletter and have one reader: my mom. Will this be too advanced for me? Should I do this?


Do this! We love newsletter writers of all levels. We’d love to help you get into your writing groove and take steps to move forward.

When is Magic May happening?


It’s happening in May 2021.


First day of Magic May: May 1, 2021.


Last day of Magic May: May 31, 2021.


Is it okay if I tell my friends, family, colleagues, clients, or students about Magic May? It looks wonderful, and I’d like to tell others about it.


Please do! Go for it. Tell anyone you want. You can tell people to check out the info and sign up here: youcangetitdone.com/magic-may

Okay, where do I sign up?


Right here! We’re excited to “see” you in May.


Wins, wins, wins!

Rave reviews from our customers. People love our tips on writing, marketing, and building a readership for your work.

“INSPIRATION OVERLOAD. So grateful I signed up for this. Divine timing. My whole life I have struggled with my story that I am not good enough, especially when it comes to writing. Your first Newsletter Magic packet was full of treasures. Suddenly, the words are flowing.”

- Nancy Medwell

“Oh my goodness...you got me MOVING on those newsletters. I wrote my third newsletter this morning, and I have a few more brainstormed on the sheets you sent.”

- Kristin Veenema Stryker

“This membership has already been so helpful, thank you! I definitely need to ask people to share. I never do that! I will be implementing that immediately!”

- Ashley Looker

“I love writing newsletters with clarity and focus now. Newsletter Magic is awesome!”

- Dena Argyropoulou


“You model that there is so much generosity in words, a considerate approach, and even by an eloquent ask that takes away any guesswork for the client. I feel like I have a compass.”

- Catherine White-Gardner 


More wins!

Rave reviews from people who have completed our courses!

“I read the packet, got inspired, and an hour later a newsletter was done and sent. Super exciting and feeling inspired.”

- Hillary Rubin


“I can’t believe I did it! I wrote (and sent) three newsletters. YAHOO! I can’t wait to write more.”


 - Kim Sopman


“I am enjoying and actually learning so much from Newsletter Magic. I love receiving your emails; they are like big hugs and encouragement. Thank you so much.”

- Lana Tukuniu


“I am so grateful for Newsletter Magic. Right out of the gate, you all are nailing it ~ I LOVE it! In just this first month, I have already learned so much, feel so supported & wildly inspired. Thank you, thank you!”

- Jodi Golda