Newsletter Magic



You run a business. You have a mailing list. But whenever you send newsletters to your list, people don’t seem very excited.


People don't open and read. People don't click and purchase. People (mostly) ignore what you send. It's discouraging.



You need Newsletter Magic.

Newsletter Magic is a monthly subscription.



Every month, you'll get smart tips from professional writers to help you create a newsletter that people absolutely love reading.

Get a Newsletter Magic subscription. Start anytime. Try it for one or two months. See if you love it.

If not? Cancel anytime. There's no long-term commitment.


Why get a Newsletter Magic subscription?

Learn how to write newsletters that people absolutely love reading.

Get expert writing tips to elevate your newsletter from “just another marketing email” to something remarkable and meaningful.

Become consistent with your newsletter and get on a regular schedule.

No more blasting your readers with seventeen messages in one week, then abandoning them for eight months.

Make a difference in people’s lives.


Every newsletter you send is an opportunity to brighten someone’s day and make a real difference in their life.

Get better results from every newsletter you send.

More clients, more customers, more excitement, more engagement—and even fan mail!

Actually enjoy writing and never run out of ideas.

Newsletter Magic gives you fresh ideas every single month, so you never have to sit there wondering, “What should I say?”

Newsletter Magic gives you a whole new attitude about what it means to “build a mailing list” and how to do it with purpose.

What's included in Newsletter Magic?

Expert Writing Tips

We teach you how to write newsletters that are so good, people will email you to say, "This is the best thing I've read all week. Thank you."

List-Building Tips

Advice on how to get more people to join your mailing list without any sleaze, gimmicks, or expensive ads. 



If you could ask a professional writer one question, what would it be?

Get your Qs answered at the monthly Q&A session.

Astrology Dates

What's the ideal date to announce a new project, share a personal story, or surprise your subscribers with a gift? We ask an astrologer and share the must-know dates with you.


Hey, it never hurts to have the stars on your side!

Time-Saving Templates

We give you sample newsletters and fill-in-the-blank templates to make writing so much faster and easier.

Nurturing Tips

Guidance on how to nurture the community you’ve already got (even if it's "only" 12 people) and make your current readers feel valued and appreciated.

Goals and Check-ins


Do you plan to write 4 newsletters this month? Want to bring 100 new people onto your list? We follow up to make sure you're taking action and making progress.

All New, Every Month

With Newsletter Magic, you get completely new writing tips every month of the year.


Never boring. Always fresh.


Stay inspired and keep the momentum going all year long.

Your subscription also includes a writing masterclass every month.


Each masterclass is brief and inspiring. 35 minutes long. Just enough to stimulate your mind without being overwhelming. Watch conveniently from home, any day, any time you want.

Each masterclass covers a brand new topic. Build new skills, all year long. 

Praise for Alex's courses and services

“Alex is one of the very few people that I trust to help write emails and newsletters for my company because she is the bomb-dot-com and she just GETS it. She understands how to write emails that are human, caring, full of empathy, and that motivate people to take action. If you've got email issues—your emails are too long, too boring, too vague, nobody's reading, you're not getting results, you're not making enough money—go learn from Alex and she will train you up. If you're on the fence about doing Newsletter Magic, get off that fence and just do it!”

-Rachel Rodgers, CEO of Hello Seven, Founder of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club

"Serena Williams is the Queen of Tennis, Bette Midler is the Queen of Bops, and Alex Franzen is the Queen of Emails and Newsletters. I get a million emails every week and I delete or forget most of them. But when Alex sends an email, I literally stop and do a happy dance. She's a gem dropper. I trust her to write emails for my own company, too. Take her class. Learn how to write the best emails ever. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Alex because this is an investment that pays off in major ways. You've heard of soul candy? She's email candy. Go get some!

-Robert Hartwell, Founder and Artistic Director of The Broadway Collective, as seen in the “Entrepreneur” music video with Pharrell

and Jay-Z

“Alex has written emails and newsletters for my mailing list—emails that have literally sparked $50K to $100K in sales in a single day. She is a magical email mermaid. If you want to learn how to write fresh, clear, exciting emails that lead to big results, learn from her. Whether you are just starting out with your business or very seasoned, you will gain so much from Newsletter Magic."

-Susan Hyatt, Host of Go Time TV, Founder of BARE for women and BOLD for girls and teens

Got a few questions?

You're interested in Newsletter Magic,'ve got a few questions?

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An award-winning team

Our team includes best-selling, award-winning authors and editors, talented designers, project managers, writing coaches—some of the coolest, kindest humans you'll ever meet.

Learn more about us.

More praise

Of all the mail I receive in my inbox, yours always feels like a warm hug from a generous friend. You share such thoughtful words and valuable information. I actually have a folder dedicated to saving your emails."

-Prudence Henschke

"When I read a really good (inspiring, helpful, useful) email that I might want to reference in the future, I put it into this special folder called 'Worth Keeping.' Yours will be filed there."

-Jean Wennerlyn

I love your newsletter. I read every one of them, although not always on the day I get them. I save them for a time when I can read them and appreciate them. Thank you for writing these notes because they bring me joy, and they help me frame my big challenges and get things done, and feel happier about everything.

-Kate Hutchinson

"I first came across your website a few years ago when I was googling for 'marketing without social media'. Since then I have been hooked on your writing and am excited to read your emails whenever they pop into my inbox. Your emails never fail to brighten my day, so you are definitely a DAY-MAKER!"

-Labiba Ali