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*Bonus* Create Your Newsletter Plan for the Year

Get clear on why you’re writing a newsletter. Set your intention. Nail down your plan for the year ahead.

February: Sell with Sensitivity

How to sell products, services, books, artwork, and other offers during a recession, pandemic, and other difficult times. (Striking the right tone is so important.)

March: Grow Your List

How to grow a bigger mailing list without purchasing expensive ads, without being pushy and gross, and without exhausting yourself in the process.

April: Rise Above the Noise

How to become the ONE newsletter that people actually look forward to receiving, and stand out in a noisy and crowded marketplace.

May: Get More Sales

How to craft newsletters that inspire people to say, “Yes!”  to whatever you’re selling, instead of, “Hmm, no thanks, maybe later.”

June: Share the Stage

How to use your newsletter as a platform to elevate marginalized voices and introduce your readers to new ideas from diverse perspectives.

July: Mid-Year Review

Reflect back on the newsletter, communication, and business goals you set back in January. What are your wins? What have you learned? What’s next?

August: The Art of Asking​

How to ask people to hire you, purchase from you, share your work, and support your projects—and how to sound inspirational and exciting, not desperate.

September: Human Beings, Not “Numbers”

How to make your subscribers feel valued and appreciated—and how to bring a personal, human touch into your newsletter—whether you have 15 readers or 150,000.

October: Build Resilience

How to stay motivated to keep going—even after experiencing disappointment, rejection, mean emails from trolls, or a financial quarter that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped.

November: Create a Challenge

How to design a 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day challenge for your subscribers (like a fitness challenge, cooking challenge, unplug/no-tech challenge, or whatever you want to do) to build excitement about your products and services.

December: The Power of Generosity​


How to go above-and-beyond for your readers and infuse generosity into every newsletter you send out—but without exhausting yourself or giving away “too much” for free.