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What is Magic May?


To refresh your memory, Magic May is a chance for you to try out a subscription program called Newsletter Magic for 30 days—for free. Like a 30-day free trial.


Throughout Magic May (May 1-31, 2021) we’ll send you newsletter writing tips, inspiration, encouragement, and pep talks from professional writers.


Our goal is to help you improve your writing skills and grow a bigger readership for your work.


After 30 days, we’ll invite you to purchase Newsletter Magic (if you want to), but there’s absolutely no pressure to do that. You’re free to say, “No, thanks!” and it’s all good. Either way: we hope you love Magic May, and we hope this experience brightens your year.


What’s coming your way?


Between May 1-31, 2021, we’ll send you several delightful things, including:


- List of newsletter topics that your readers will love.


- List of 12 ways to grow a bigger mailing list.


- Mini class: Get More Sales. How to write newsletters that inspire people to hire you or purchase your work.


- Astrology dates you need to know. Important cosmic dates especially for business owners, creative types, and newsletter writers.


- A writing challenge with prizes.


- Plus, a couple surprises that we’re not revealing…yet! Hints: dog photos, music playlist, Hawaii, crystals, and chocolate.


What to do right now:

Go HERE to find lots of exciting things—newsletter topics, music playlists, and more. Dig in! Enjoy.


And then, kick back and relax. You’ll receive several emails from us throughout the month of May with more treats for you.


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We’re so excited for Magic May. We hope you love the experience from start to finish. We’ll “see” you again soon…


-Alex, Lindsey, and the Newsletter Magic Team