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Hi all beautiful souls !

My name is Adélie and I currently live in Dublin Ireland. After 3 years here, I have now decided to move to my other country of heart: SWEDEN ! But not before stopping by in France, my home country, to see family, friends and pets. I just quit my job and will go full-time writing and growing my business: I’m the owner and founder of L’Authentique Publishings. For now it’s just me, but in the coming years I want to turn into a mook and later down the line, a proper publishing house.

Services I provide: I’m an author. I write books (and short novels), fiction and non-fiction, and also alchemical poems ! Bet you never heard of those huh?

Products I sell:

Books/artwork/music/other things I sell:

  • Books marks with the symbols found in KATEB, with guidance sentences in French. It can also be used as an oracle if you get all 11 of them !

  • You can also find me on Patreon where I share the behind the scenes, weekly exclusive alchemical poems, and workshops !

  • My ebook: Sacred Sexuality, a journey to the centre of you. (You can also so find the french version). In this book, you’ll find reflections and mantras to help you connect to YOUR sacred sexuality. All contents, reflections, mantras and photos are my own.

  • Free talks on Stereo ! And soon a podcast too !

  • My future book « Life of Austral », I’m writing it in English but I have a translator lined up already. It’s about a pilgrim sent on earth, alone, and memory less by the universe, in between two civilisations. His mission? keep the place alive by telling them stories.

You can see more info about my work over here:

Fun / cool / weird facts about me:

° My logo is actually my tattoo on my right ankle.

° I have a 14yo pug, and he's the dorkiest of dorks and I love him dearly, really looking forward to be reunited with him soon back in France.

° I can't wink. For the life of me, I cannot wink one eye. You either get both or none. But I usually go for a big smile 😁

My pronouns are she/her !

Lovely to meet you all !

Blessings and champagne on you all !

Addy x