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Hello beautiful souls! 🤗 My name is Yolanda aka Yoli.

I live in Miami Beach, Florida.

Services I provide: Spiritual Companionship, Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner, Interior Aesthetic Consultant and Creator of ZENTAO®

I sell one-on-one and group Sessions, Personalized Wellness Programs and Products.

🕊️ Spiritual Companion: I welcome clients from all/no faith background, I specialize in women's issues, exploring spirituality and personal development.

🌿 Holistic Health & Wellness: I help individuals achieve optimal health through seasonal wellness, nourishment and advanced energy medicine.

🏠 Interior Aesthetic Consultant: With ZENTAO® Home, we share our interior aesthetics passion by helping our clients achieve luxurious, sustainable and intutive atmostphers for Mind-Body.

Products I sell: ZENTAO® Mini Cards and The ZENTAO® Self-Reflection Cards

You can find more information about me through and

One fun/cool/weird fact about me: I am Cuban-American. I speak Spanish and lived in Italy for over 10 years, so I am fluent in that language. I don't leave home without my bag of holistic essentials (oils + herbs) for any emergencies that can happen to me or anyone.

My pronouns: she/her.

It's an honor to be with all you amazing souls!😍

Yolanda Valdes

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