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Hello! I'm Hillary, and am thrilled to be here after a few yr hiatus from coaching and being a coach trainer. I have a podcast I did 2yrs ago called, Create Like A Mother Podcast... Now I'm taking steps to start my biz up again and loathe social media, it's a tool and I'm using it more that way. I'm a homeschooling mom of my 6yr old boy Odin which I love, we garden and have chickens. :) I'm really jazzed about helping online educators, healers, coaches create new offers as well as programs. My genius zone is connecting dots and seeing opportunities within what already exists. I am a huge fan of beta testing and this what I'm helping online businesses do without having to waste money on branding before they know if it works or if they are into it.

I also have done newsletter magic and got my butt back to writing my newsletter and am going play with some ideas with that as well.

LOVE to connect with anyone in LA and beyond. It's been a while since I've been part of a program like this. AND I love to bake anything gluten free... my new thing is GF sourdough bread. XH