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My name is Kiyasu Oka (first name is Kiyasu).

I am the "Magician of Color" from Taiwan.

Professional illustrator, colorist, designer, writer, translator (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese), Web developer, game developer, letter writer, mail enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

Been without social media accounts"officially" since 2012, but actually probably already since 2009-ish. I deliberately never owned a smart phone in my entire life either, yay!

I live in Taipei, TAIWAN, but work worldwide.

Services I provide: custom art portraits, illustration services, character design services, business card design services, RPG development (game-making) services.

Products I sell/books/artwork/music/other things I sell: custom art portraits, if that counts as a "product." Otherwise: none at the moment, but I have a Tarot deck, children's books, and stationery products in plan at the moment. If you all want to see me sell a specific something or want to buy a specific thing from me, let me know :)

Other things I will (eventually) sell: a role-playing game (RPG) to be played on Windows. I am personally developing this game with my friends Barry Leitch (composer of hundreds of toys, games, etc. since the 90s), Lani Minella (an incredibly talented voice actress of so many TV, films, games, theatre, radio, commercials, animation, etc. since the 90s), and Tim Haywood (composer of the acclaimed Shadow Man score, Jackie Chan Adventures, and many Ninja Kiwi games such as Bloons TD 6).

You can see more info about my work over here: Kiyasu Green (, my profile at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) at, a URL redirect I made for my SCBWI Illustrator Gallery at , and .

One fun / cool / weird fact about me: I am a Taiwanese who kind of lived all over the world when growing up. I was born in Quito (ECUADOR), moved to Taipei (TAIWAN) for kindergarten, then to Rome (ITALY) for five years for elementary school, then to the Miami (FL, U.S.A.) for 1.5 years for middle school, then to Taipei (TAIWAN) again for about 3 years for the remaining of junior high school (middle school) and first semester of (senior) high school, then to Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA) for three years for the remaining of my high school years. I returned to Taipei (TAIWAN) since college days, attending the most prestigious university (National Taiwan University) as a mathematics major. I stayed in Taipei (TAIWAN) for the rest of my adult life ever since then.

My pronouns are: she/her.

My e-mail address: (feel free to contact me... I trust life and "blessings in disguises," and believe that I'm always safe in this world and there are no "strangers" or "acquaintances" to me! Only friends. I'd LOVE to make new friends, business partners, customers, etc. and network with you all!!)

My home address (for postal mail, yay!) is:

Kiyasu Oka

6F, № 60, Lane 85

Baoqiao Road, Xindian District

New Taipei City 231-45 TAIWAN