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"Trust yoursef, you can do it" is my motto!

● Are you feeling stuck in your life ?

● Do you find yourself not knowing how to free yourself from those blocks that keep you from having the life you dream of?

● You would like to change but don't know how to do it?

● You would like to be more compassionate toward yourself?

● Are you lacking self confidence, and even more importantly, self love?

● Would you like to find balance beween work and life?

● Would you like to see things in a different perspective?

► I am Sylvie Claire MORIN, coach and energy practioner. I can guide you on your unique path toward balance, inner peace and self love.

I'm French and live in France, you can find me at I offer coprorate training in my home country about change and efficiency, coaching services, workshops and conferences.

My English website is under construction, but you can sign up for my newsltter in English here:

I talk about personal developement, how to know and love yourself better, share ideas and exercises.

I offer coaching packages, online EFT sessions and online workshops in English too!.

I do hope to develop that side of the business thantks to the course!