Join us for the Summer Info Session
Presented by Get It Done
Friday, June 18, 2021
10AM to 6PM PST / 1PM - 9PM EST


Presentations happening all day, top of every hour. Pop in anytime. Stay as long as you like.


Relaxed, kind, friendly vibes.


All genders, all faiths, all humans welcome.

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What is the Summer Info Session? 

The Summer Info Session is a free presentation happening on Friday, June 18, 2021.


It’s online.


You can watch from anywhere in the world.


Presented by Get It Done, a company specializing in writing, communication, publishing, and marketing.


Attending this Info Session is a great way to learn about Get It Done, the courses and services we offer, and to determine if you’d like to work with us—or not.


Whether you decide to become a client, or not, our goal is to brighten your day, lift your spirits, provide great information and entertainment, too. Did we mention the award-winning magician?


What is the schedule for the
Summer Info Session?

The Summer Info Session is happening on Friday, June 18, 2021.


We begin at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern. (Not sure what time this is for you? Check out this time zone converter.)

Welcome and Motivational Pep Talk


Welcome! Meet the Get It Done Team. Quick tour of our company and what we do.


Plus, a motivational pep talk to boost your spirits: If there’s something you want to achieve this year, it is not too late. 2021 is not over yet. It’s time to recommit to your goals. Get on track—and get it done.

d7-Lindsey Smith_r1_22650.jpg
Lindsey Smith_Tiny Book Course 2_r1_MSP2

The Tiny Book Course

11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

Come learn about The Tiny Book Course—our beloved course on how to write and self-publish a book.


Learn how the course works. Get inspired by beautiful books that graduates created back in 2018, 2019, and 2020. They wrote a book. You can do this, too.

Magic Show!
12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

Marcus Morgan is known as a “bisexual activist magician on a mission to demystify as much as mystify.”


Using quirky humor and award-winning magic to entertain and inform, they have been described as "surprisingly educational" and have been recognized by the UK Government as a “Point of Light.” Come watch, enjoy, and applaud!

Marcus Morgan 600x600.jpg

The Marketing Without Social Media Course

Is it possible to build an audience for your work, find plenty of clients and customers, and run a successful business—without using social media? Yes.


Come learn about The Marketing Without Social Media Course.


If you want to quit social media (or cut way back), create a healthier relationship with technology, and clear all the digital clutter out of your brain, this course is for you.


Learn about early-bird enrollment for the 2022 course—and how to score the best possible pricing, too.

The Scholarship Program & Other Funding Options

Each year, we give out 100 scholarships. All scholarship spots for 2021 are now full.


Come learn how our Scholarship Program works—and how you can get a scholarship in 2022.


We’ll also discuss other ways to get the funds you need. For instance, you could ask your employer—or top client—if they’d be willing to purchase a Get It Done course for you as professional training, a tax-deductible business expense.

News Magic .png

Newsletter Magic

You write a newsletter—or you plan start one soon? You’d love to grow a bigger mailing list? You want to write newsletters that really make an impact on your readers’ lives? This is for you.


Come learn about Newsletter Magic—our newest writing subscription-based program.

The Unplug Retreat

This October, we’re hosting a luxurious, all-inclusive retreat at an award-winning destination spa.


Come rinse all the pandemic stress out of your body. Do a digital detox. Take a much-needed break from social media, email, and other digital distractions. Shampoo your brain.


You will leave this retreat feeling like a new person—refreshed, ready to tackle your goals with renewed energy, ready to get things done!


Come get all the exclusive details about this retreat.


And, for those who can’t (or don’t want) to travel this year, we’ll share suggestions on how to create your own at-home retreat experience by yourself.

d9-Lindsey Smith_r1_22721.jpg

Closing Remarks and Prizes

We’ll wrap up the day with a few final words to encourage, uplift, and inspire you. Let’s get it done in ’21.


We’ll also announce prize winners! Out of everyone who signs up to attend the Info Session, we’ll randomly select 3 people to win wonderful prizes, including free tuition on the course of your choice.

Do I need to attend the entire Info Session? Or can I pop in, watch one or two parts, and skip the rest?


You can pop in and out throughout the day.


There’s no pressure to watch the entire presentation.


Join us for whatever parts look exciting to you and skip the rest.

I’m not free on that day. Can I watch a recording later?


Yes, you can! Sign up and we’ll send the recording to you.


Where do I watch the Summer Info Session? Is it on Zoom?

Please sign up and viewing instructions will be emailed to you.



I don’t live in the United States. Is it okay if I attend?


Absolutely! Our community includes folks from all around the world.


The Summer Info Session is happening online. Join us from any city, any country, anywhere on Earth.



What type of person should attend the Summer Info Session?


If you…


* Are curious about Get It Done and the courses and services we offer


* Have been thinking about enrolling in a course, but you need a little more information first


* Are a business owner, coach, consultant, freelancer, artist, author, musician, or you lead a team, company, cause, or movement


* Want to improve your writing, communication, and/or marketing skills


* Have exciting goals (like creating a newsletter, writing a book, growing your business), and you want to get focused and get things done


* Love kind, friendly people, fun prizes, dogs wearing special outfits, and magic shows


…then you will love the Summer Info Session.


We’d love to see you there!



I know someone who might enjoy this Info Session. May I tell them about it and encourage them to attend?


Yes, please go right ahead! Thank you.


You can give them this link:


Thank you for spreading the word!



I have a question about the Summer Info Session!


Feel free to reach out: