Frequently asked questions

I don’t live in the United States. Can I do this course?

Yes! Last year, we had people participating from Canada, Sweden, Australia, and many other places. As long as you’re comfortable reading materials and watching videos that are in English, you can absolutely take this course.

I can’t attend some of the meetings. Will they be recorded so I can catch up later?

Yes! All meetings are recorded.

I am worried I will fall behind and won’t be able to keep up with the course. What if I can’t complete everything in 45 days?

This course is designed to have a calm and realistic pace. It is not a frenzied sprint! However, if you need more time, that’s okay. At the end of the course, you receive a download link. You can download all the course materials (workbooks, checklists, videos, assignments, etc.) all in one place. You get to keep these materials forever. So, you can keep learning and working independently even after the 45-day course has ended. There is no rush. Take all the time you need.

I did this course last year, and I loved it! I am considering doing it again. Will the 2021 course be different than 2020 or exactly the same?

It will be similar, but slightly different. We’ve made a few tweaks to make the program even better than before, including:
- Additional team members to serve you, which means an even faster response time whenever you email to ask a question. - And a few tweaks to the curriculum to make it even more timely and relevant. Because the business landscape in 2021 is not exactly the same as 2020. Plus, it never hurts to revisit concepts you’ve already learned! A good refresher for your brain.

I have never written a book before. Honestly, I haven't written much of anything since 10th grade in high school. Will this course be too advanced for me?

Nope. Most of the people who do The Tiny Book Course are first-time authors who have never written a book before. You’ll be in good company.

This might be a silly question, but is this course only for women? It seems like most of the people who did the course last year were female. Can men do it, too?

Not silly at all! We welcome women, men, and non-binary folks in this course. Most of our course participants tend to be female, but we welcome everyone. All genders, all faiths, all nationalities. All humans: welcome.

I don't want to write a book. But my mom / dad / sister / brother / spouse / child / etc. does. Can I purchase The Tiny Book Course as a gift for them?

Yes, you can! We’ve had folks do that in the past, and it’s lovely. Just go ahead and enroll as you normally would. Then email us ( to let us know the name, email, and snail-mail address for your lucky gift recipient.

I am not very tech savvy, and I have no design experience. Will I succeed in this course, or will this be way over my head?

To have a successful experience in The Tiny Book Course, you will need: - Good WiFi / Internet connection. So you can attending classes, watch tutorial videos, and take advantage of everything in the Classroom. - Basic / Beginner tech skills. Do you know how to use Word or Pages? Know how to type into a document and save it to your computer? Can you copy and paste text from one doc to another? Can you upload a file? Can you insert a photo into a document, or you’ve got someone at home who can sit by your side and help you do that? Great. You’ve got the skills needed for this course! - And a willingness to ask for help when you need it. This might mean asking your spouse to leave you in peace while you write, asking your kids to help draw illustrations for your book, asking your teenager to help you insert a link or upload a file, or asking The Tiny Book Course team for assistance. Our most successful authors are the ones who ask for help instead of giving up at the first hint of difficulty.

I really want to do this, but I am experiencing severe financial difficulties and can't pay for it right now. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. We give out (at least) 30 scholarships per year. In the spirit of equity, we give first priority to people of color, queer and non-binary folks, differently-abled folks, and other marginalized people who struggle due to unfair systems in our society. We offer a “pay nothing now, pay what you can later” scholarship. To learn more about the scholarsip and to apply, click here.