The Tiny Book Course

Do you dream about writing a book?


But maybe you feel intimidated about the notion of writing a gigantic 300-page book?

Writing a “Tiny Book” might be a great option for you.

A Tiny Book is a short book (typically 30 to 70 pages) on any topic that excites you.

Your Tiny Book could be a family cookbook that you create along with your kids, a collection of love letters to your spouse, a workbook filled with helpful tips for your clients, a journal, coloring book, memoir, children’s book, how-to guide, or any other kind of book you want to create.

The Tiny Book Course takes you from Point A (“I want to write a book!”) to Point B (“Oh my gosh, I did it! My book is done!”) while keeping the process simple and joyful.

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What you gain from this course:

Become an author. (Finally!)

We demystify the process for you, and show you that creating a book can be a lot simpler than you thought. We specialize in helping first-time authors get their book done.

Experience the power of finishing.

You start lots of projects but rarely finish anything? This course helps you break out of that pattern. Learn how to set realistic goals, clear away distractions, and get things done. Carry these skills into other parts of your life, too.

Bragging rights.

You know what? Writing a book is pretty darn cool. You’ll be able to show off your book to your family, kids, friends, colleagues, clients, complete strangers on the street…and rightfully so! You’re amazing!

Gain confidence in your writing.​

If you struggle with perfectionism, self-criticism, overanalyzing, nitpicking, or just feel like your writing is never “good enough,” this course will help tremendously.

Meet new writer friends and colleagues.

Writing can sometimes feel isolating, but you’re not doing this alone. Between your book coaches and fellow classmates, you’ve got hundreds of companions on this journey.

Yes, we send you snail mail.

While the majority of this course happens online, we also send snail mail to you! You get a Tiny Book Kit shipped to your door filled with stickers, checklists, a workbook, and more. So fun.

What's included in The Tiny Book Course?

A Get It Done Box, delivered to you via snail mail.

Opportunities to reach out and get help on Zoom or by sending a private email.

Online education, including short videos, short emails, and Zoom classes.

Rewards and surprises you earn for completing assignments.

Worksheets, checklists, and charts to keep you organized and focused.

The Tiny Book Course Forum where you can meet fellow writers and celebrate your wins.

Guidance from bestselling authors and publishing industry veterans who’ve written dozens of books and who’ve coached thousands of new authors through the journey.

The Tiny Book Course includes 45 days of outstanding customer support.


Feeling stuck? Need a pep talk? Want some advice? Or want to share an exciting victory? Email anytime during the course. Get a personal reply from an actual human being within 1-3 business days.


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Enroll soon to secure a spot.

The Tiny Book Course is offered just once a year.


The next course begins September 1, 2021. 


We cap enrollment once we reach a certain number of students, so please enroll soon to guarantee a spot in the 2021 course.

Wins, wins, wins!

Writing a book isn’t just about the book.


It’s bigger than that.


For some, it’s about using your voice, silencing your inner critic, accomplishing a lifelong goal, or creating something that will exist for your loved ones even after you’re gone.

Check rave reviews from some of The Tiny Book Course authors.

Lindsey Smith_Tiny Book Course 2_r1_MSP2

“This course has given me a new direction in life and my career.”

-Mayuri Amarnath
Author of Dancing the Navaratri Nights

“One of the best parts was seeing my kids get excited watching Mommy become an Author.”

-Jenjii Faith Hysten
Author of Beyond the Hashtag: The Spirit, Heart and Love of Black Men

“I’ve gained confidence in my abilities and realized I can be more, do more, and share more that I considered before. This is only my beginning.” 

-Melanie Barrett
Author of How to Hate High School and How to Destry Distance Learning

“A HUGE sense of accomplishment. This content wanted to be out in the world!”

-Leslie Tagorda
Author of Star Powered Brand and New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs


An award-winning team

Our team includes best-selling, award-winning authors and editors, talented designers, project managers, writing coaches—some of the coolest, kindest humans you'll ever meet.

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We call it "Tiny Book magic."


Writing a book creates a magical ripple effect. Once your book is done, out in the world, it can unlock all kinds of surprising and unexpected doors.


It can lead to new clients, media opportunities, speaking gigs, fan mail from a complete stranger, or even a closer relationship with your kids.


Who knows what kinds of Tiny Book magic will happen in your life?


Join The Tiny Book Course, get your book done, and let the magic begin!

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