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The Card Deck Course

Live with Lindsey Smith, co-founder of Get It Done. 

Card decks are IN. 


Increasing in popularity with both readers and publishers alike, card decks now range from traditional tarot and inspirational oracle to decks on the perfect-cheese-board creation and dogs giving encouraging pep talks. (Yes, there is a card deck for everything!) Card decks are the perfect tool for learning and self-exploration—in a fun, accessible package.

Whether you are ready to self-publish your own card deck or are curious about seeking a traditional publishing deal, this course breaks down each path for you, step by step.

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Choose the best publishing path for you.

Excited to move forward with self-publishing? We’ve got the templates, tools, and resources you need to make it happen.


Pitching your card deck to publishers feels more like your speed? Here’s where you’ll find a fill-in-the-blank proposal template, query letter, and a full list of publishers to pitch.


Not sure which path is best for you? Start with the one that feels most exciting. Should you decide to change directions later on, you’ll have everything you need to make the switch.


The details:

With either path, you will learn how to:


  • Choose a topic and an idea. “What makes an idea sellable?”

  • Outline and write your card deck. “Should I include a guidebook? Yes or no?”

  • Market your card deck. “Who will buy my deck and where do I sell it?”

  • And so much more.


In the self-publishing path, you will get tools and resources, including:


  • Printing choices: Explore and decide the best printing option for you. From print-on-demand services to overseas printing, we cover it all—complete with printers we have actually used and recommend.

  • Templates: Ready to go, so you can start designing your own deck immediately. Standard card deck sizes (Tarot, Oversized Tarot, Square, Trump, and Poker) are available for use in Canva, and InDesign.

  • A guide to working with designers and illustrators: Find recommended resources, sample agreements, and more!

  • Selling Must-Haves: Want to get your deck on Amazon? Make it available wholesale? Learn all your options.


In the traditional publishing path, you’ll be ready to pitch with a:


  • Proposal template: Whether you are solely an author or an author/illustrator combo, this proposal has you covered. (And, yes, you can submit a card deck proposal without attached art!)

  • Query letter template: Ready to fill in, so you don’t forget any important information or details.

  • List of publishers that don’t require a literary agent: Once your proposal is ready, here are 10 card deck publishers to submit to immediately!

About Lindsey

Lindsey Smith is a literary agent, as well as a co-founder of Get It Done and One Idea Press. She knows the ins and outs of both self-publishing a card deck and pitching one to a publisher, as she has successfully done both.

Her card decks include: Pup Talks, The Tiny Bit Better Deck, and The Queen of Stones Deck, plus several soon-to-be-released decks with both publishers and self-published authors.

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