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Books and writing, writing and books.

We love each of these so much, we created some things to complement them. 

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Publishing Your First (or Second) Book: A Field Guide by Lindsey Smith

If you’re a first-time author, or don’t have much experience in the publishing industry, this can be an especially overwhelming decision. 


Fortunately, Lindsey Smith—best-selling and award-winning author and literary agent—is ready to help.


So, whether this is your first (or second) book, this guide will help you choose your path.

The Distraction-Free First Draft by Woz Delgado Flint

You want to write. You plan to write. Once you finally begin, you find yourself writing and rewriting the same paragraph for hours, days, months. 


In The Distraction-Free First Draft, Woz Delgado Flint shares her contagious enthusiasm for the power of the typewriter, introduces you to the different types of machines, shares how to find and lovingly restore the best typewriter for you, and offers tips for getting your first draft done.

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No matter the size of your goals, they are a big deal. Our custom, 90-page journals include 3 sheets of stickers to add fun and inspiration to your lists, your ideas, your doodles, and more. 

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Drop one in the mail, leave one around town for a lucky stranger to find, or stick one on your mirror as a dose of positivity. Each set comes with 24 postcards with messages like, "Today is not over yet" and "You are more powerful than you think."

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Pen Set

Designed by our team to ensure every detail was just right, these silky-smooth pens pair wonderfully with our journals and postcards. Coming in a set of 3, you'll quickly learn why this pen is a fan favorite. 

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