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2022 scholarship applications are officially closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Scholarship Program

We are proud to offer 30 scholarships in 2022 totaling nearly $30,000 in funding.


As a scholarship recipient, you enroll in The Tiny Book Course at no cost. Tuition is normally $995. Scholarship recipients take the course and pay $0.


You receive the full-course experience (exactly the same as any other participant), including writing coaching, feedback on your manuscript, and a Get It Done Box (snail-mail gift) shipped to you.


If you want to write a book but have limited financial resources at this time, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.


Scholarship Criteria


If you need a scholarship, for any reason, we encourage you to apply.


In the spirit of equity, we give first priority to scholarship applicants who belong to the following communities:


  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community)

  • Veterans

  • First responders

  • Healthcare workers

  • Preschool and K-12 teachers

  • People with disabilities/unique abilities

  • People who have experienced significant financial hardship during the pandemic

  • Other marginalized and underserved communities


Scholarship Timeline


Applications open: April 20, 2022


Applications close: June 20, 2022


Recipients will be notified no later than: July 14, 2022


Non-recipients will be notified no later than: July 21, 2022


Before You Apply


Take a look at The Tiny Book Course information, particularly the Course Schedule.


Please make sure the dates work for your schedule. Thank you.


Our Belief


We believe that tiny actions can create a big ripple in the world. 


Our hope is that this Scholarship Program creates a beautiful ripple that touches many lives.


Thank you for your interest and for being part of this community.

How to Apply for a Scholarship


To apply for scholarship, send an email to


Email subject line of application should read: [Your name] – Get It Done Scholarship Application.


In the body of your email application, be sure to include the following six (6) items:


1)    Basic Info


Full name

Email address

Pronouns (they/them, she/her, he/him, something else)


2)    Book Idea


Tell us about the book you want to write. Please be as brief. One or two sentences is great.




“I want to write a children’s book about courage starring my dog Peanut.”


“I want to write a self-care journal for people struggling with PTSD.”


“I want to write a book about Hawaiian mythology.”


3)    Project Status


Have you started writing the book yet?


A.    Yes. I finished writing the book.

B.    Yes. I started but I’m not finished yet.

C.    No. I haven’t started writing yet.


4)    Writing Sample


Please attach a brief writing sample. Any genre: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, etc. Two (2) pages or less. Word doc or PDF.


Your sample can be:


  • A sample from the book you’re currently working on

  • A sample from a book you wrote in the past

  • Another writing sample, such as an article, essay, blog post, newsletter, etc.

5)    Letter of Support

Please attach one letter of support written by someone you know. Two (2) pages or less. Word doc or PDF.


Your letter can be written by:


  • A friend

  • A family member

  • A colleague, co-worker, or client

  • A coach, teacher, or mentor

  • Someone else in your support network


Please use this format:


[Name] is applying for a scholarship to take The Tiny Book Course which begins in August 2022 and ends in October 2022.


I am [Name]’s [friend, spouse, daughter, mentor, etc.], and I promise to support [name] while they complete the course.


I will cheer for them, give encouragement, and do everything in my power to make sure they stay on track, finish the course successfully, and graduate with a completed book.


I promise to be part of [Name]’s support network and help them achieve their goal.


[Name] will be a wonderful addition to the course because [reason].


[Extra credit: add anything else that you’d like to say].




[Letter writer’s name]



6)    Final Details


Please include the following (copy/paste will work great!) at the end of your email to indicate YES for each statement.


I am applying for a scholarship to take The Tiny Book Course presented by Get It Done.


I understand that this is a full scholarship ($995) which means I would pay nothing to do the course.


I understand that applying does not guarantee a scholarship.


I understand that this course covers how to write, edit, proofread, design, and self-publish a book.


I have basic computer skills. I know how to create a Word document, type in it, and save the doc. I know how to insert an image into a Word doc. I am familiar with free user-friendly design tools (like Canva), or I am willing to learn.


I took a look at The Tiny Book Course information page, particularly the Course Schedule. I understand when the course starts, ends, and when the meetings are happening. I am comfortable with the time commitment.


I promise to ask for help during the course as needed. I will email the Book Coach team, if I feel stuck or need help with my project.


I have not received a scholarship from Get It Done in the past. This will be my first time.


[Type your name]



We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you for applying!

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