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About Us

Get It Done provides writing coaching, editing, proofreading, cover design, publishing, and distribution services for clients who want to write a book.


Whether you want to create a book for your friends, family, clients, students—or for the entire world—we make the process simple and doable.


We help clients create beautiful books in all genres: memoir, how-to, poetry, cookbooks, journals, planners, and beyond.


We believe the purpose of writing is to make a difference in readers' lives—to make people laugh, think, feel inspired, or see the world differently.


While hitting a best-seller list is always exciting, this isn’t the only form of success. If your book touches even just one person’s life, that is a meaningful accomplishment and something worth celebrating.


We specialize in author-owned publishing. Get It Done authors own 100% of their intellectual property and keep 100% of profits from every book sold.


We are a woman-owned company with seven team members and growing.

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