The Marketing Without Social Media Course

Is it possible to run a successful business...without using social media?




We’d love to show you how.


Last year, more than 230 people enrolled in The Marketing Without Social Media Course.


This year, we’re back — with a new format and exciting upgrades.


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•   You feel like social media is negatively impacting your health. It’s harming you more than it’s helping.


•   You feel exhausted by social media and you want to quit—or cut back and set boundaries.


•   You want to sell your books, art, products, or services but without using social media. 


•   You’d love to do a social media detox to rinse out your brain and reduce stress. 


•   You want to create a healthier relationship with social media and technology, overall.


•   You could use some help with your marketing plan. You feel overwhelmed. You want some guidance to nail down a simple plan and get moving.


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