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Pop-Up Co-Working Session

Need to get things done?


Maybe it’s a creative project, a work assignment that has been plagued by procrastination, or even just setting aside time to pay the bills. Many times, the hardest part is just sitting down to DO. THE. THING.


You would simply:


Sign up. 

Show up. 

Set a goal.

Get to work.

Get things done.

Celebrate wins.

Our first Pop-Up Session is just $29 on Tuesday, April 23 at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST.

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Quick Info

This Pop-up Co-Working Session will be hosted by Woz Flint, with “Halftime” guest Lindsey Smith, and will run in three, 45-minute parts:


  1. Co-Working Time with Woz - Settle in, introduce yourself, let us know what you are working on. Let’s go!

  2. Halftime with Lindsey - Take a break, grab a beverage, and ask Lindsey your questions about all things books, card decks, and publishing (working with a lit agent, self-publishing, traditional publishing, and more). 

  3. Co-Working Time with Woz - Settle back in, get in the flow, and continue getting things done.

What Makes Time With Us Different

In recent years, co-working has grown in popularity for good reason. Sharing space with others to accomplish goals is powerful. We’ve seen it time and time again. 


With us, you’ll get space and accountability—just like you’d expect from co-working. But In addition, you’ll get:


Halftime Q&A - an opportunity to relax, stretch, and get face time in real time with a best-selling author and literary agent. 

Community - the party is in the chat! Connect with, cheer on, and ask questions of your fellow co-workers.

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