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The Email & Newsletter Kit

This kit shows you how to write excellent emails and newsletters to promote your book, product, service, course, program, or anything that you sell. 


Kit includes more than 75 email templates, 75 subject-line examples, and 45 newsletter ideas written by expert copywriter, Alexandra Franzen.


Enjoy fill-in-the-blank formats, which make writing speedier and easier.

This is a self-study kit. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.

The Email & Newsletter Kit Includes:

  • 70+ Email Samples and Templates


Email templates to help you save time, make money, accomplish goals, and handle tricky situations.


Essential emails for people who sell services, courses, products, artwork, and just about anything else. ​Including:

       1. Email to ask your dream client/company to hire you.

2. Email to a past client to hire you again.  

3. Email to a fellow business owner to inquire if they’d be willing to refer clients to you.  

4. Email to an organization to see if they’d like to hire you for consulting, coaching, or leading a seminar.

4. Email to follow up with a client who wasn’t quite ready to hire see if they are ready now.

5. Email to follow up with a client who mysteriously disappeared to see if they’d like to confirm.

6. Email to announce that you’re raising your rates.  

7. Email to announce a change in your business policies.  

8. Email to announce a new project, like a book, podcast, product, service, etc.  

9. Email to a local TV station to pitch yourself as a potential guest on the show.  

10. Email to a podcast or radio host to pitch yourself as a potential guest on the show. 

11. Email to pitch yourself as a speaker at a conference or some other event.

12. Email to quit/back away/break up with a client in the kindest way possible.  

13. Email to gently nudge someone to do something, like pay an invoice.  

14. Email to ask someone if they’d be willing to write a testimonial about your book/product/etc.  

15. Email to say, "no, thank you”or to set a boundary.

16. Email to apologize for a mistake and rebuild your professional reputation.

Plus, 54 more email templates!


  • 5 Emails That Led to $100K in Sales


5 real-life emails that sparked more than $100K in product sales, enrollments, or client bookings. We show you the exact language that was used—word for word. Then, we explain why each particular email worked so effectively, so you can try a similar approach in the future. 

  • 3 Tips on How to Write Better Emails

An expert copywriter explains how to make your writing clear, brief, and impactful. Great tips whether you're writing a message to one person or to thousands.

  • How to Get People to Respond

It’s frustrating when you email someone and they don’t reply. *crickets* Learn why this might be happening—and 6 things you can do to encourage more responses.

  • What is an Email Vs. a Newsletter?

Quick explanation to alleviate confusion.

  • How to Write a Newsletter That People Absolutely Love Reading 

40-page digital workbook on how to make your newsletter so excellent that people say, “I love this so much. This is the only newsletter I actually read!” Includes a worksheet to create your newsletter plan for the next 12 months.

  • 15 Types of Newsletters You Can Write

Every newsletter you send to your readers can feel like a tiny art project. Learn different kinds of newsletters, such as the Three Things Newsletter, Roundup Newsletter, Advice Column Newsletter, Before-and-After Newsletter, and more. 

  • 8 Newsletter Ideas for People Who Sell Physical Products

If you sell jewelry, clothing, candles, books, artwork, or any physical product, these tips are for you.

  • 12 Newsletter ideas for People Who Sell Professional Services or Educational Experiences (Courses, Workshops, Classes, Retreats, Etc.)

If you sell services (legal, financial, design, communication, publicity, etc.) or experiences (including online experiences), you'll love these tips.

  • 10 Questions to Spark Newsletter Ideas

Still wondering, "What should I write about in my newsletter?" Reflect on these questions to brainstorm topics that your readers will love.


  • 31 Email Subject-Line Examples and Tips

Subject lines to use when you're emailing one person, like a client or colleague. These subject lines will prompt people to open your message and reply!

  • 44 Newsletter Subject-Line Examples and Tips

Subject lines to use when you're emailing a group of people, like your newsletter subscribers or another mailing list. If you struggle to come up with interesting subject lines, you'll love these tips. 

  • List of 12 Ways to Grow a Bigger Mailing List

Whether you currently have 5 newsletter subscribers, 5,000 or 50,000, use these tips to grow your list. ​Learn how to grow a bigger mailing list without purchasing expensive ads, without being pushy and gross, and without exhausting yourself in the process. 

  • Selling with Sensitivity

Tips on how to sell your work during difficult times, such as a recession, pandemic, war, natural disaster, or any challenging world event. Promote your work and earn a living gracefully, while being mindful of client and customer emotions. 

  • Tips on Delegating Emails

How to delegate email tasks to someone else—like an intern, assistant, or community manager—and make this a smooth and happy transition. 


About the Kit


The Email & Newsletter Kit was created by Alexandra Franzen, best-selling author, award-winning editor, and top copywriter—along with her colleagues at Get It Done.


Over the last 15 years, Alex has been hired to write (literally) thousands of emails, newsletters, articles, webpages, video scripts, keynote talks, and other materials for 6-, 7-, and 8-figure brands. 


From major tech companies like Hewlett-Packard, to celebrity brands like Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry, to Inc. 5000 List winners like Hello Seven and The Broadway Collective, Alex has written language for many companies that you know and love. Learn from the best and bring your email-writing skills to the next level. 


A well-written email can lead to a new client, customer, investor, media opportunity, a flood of sales, or support for your project. One email can open big doors.


Instant Gratification


Once you purchase the kit, check your inbox. You'll get an email immediately with a link and password to get your kit. Instant gratification! No waiting. Dive in right away. 

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