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The Marketing Without Media Course

Is it possible to run a successful business, find plenty of clients and customers, and generate revenue—without using social media?




This course shows the way.

This is a self-study course. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.

About The Marketing Without Social Media Course

You're self-employed, have a side-hustle, or run a business? You feel exhausted by social media and want to find other ways to promote your work? You'd like to spend less time on social media, or maybe quit completely? This is for you. 

Course includes:

  • 115 Marketing Ideas


List of 115 marketing ideas that do not require social media—including options that are free, low-cost, long-game, quick wins, and more.

  • True Stories About Entrepreneurs Who Quit Social Media


Inspiring examples of big companies, small companies, freelancers and solopreneurs that do not use social media—and their reasons for leaving.   

  • How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan


Fill out this worksheet to create a calm, sensible plan that doesn’t require you to be online 24/7.   

  • Research on Screen Time and Your Health


Facts on how excessive screen time impacts your mental and physical health—and why it’s a good idea to cut back. And instructions on how to take a break from social media without hurting your business.   

  • Selling with Sensitivity


Guidance on how to sell your products/services when difficult, scary things are happening in the news, like a recession, pandemic, war, natural disaster, or another crisis.

  • 10 Scripts to Get More Sales


Scripts written by a top copywriter. Plus, other treats to help you sell your work successfully.

  • Suitable for All Learning Styles

Course includes a beautiful online classroom with audio and written materials. Whether you prefer to listen, read, or both, this course is suitable for all learning styles. 

  • Suitable for All Business Types and Experience Levels

Whether you have a new side-hustle, and you're hoping to get your very first client, or you run an established business that generates 7 figures per year, this course gives you fresh marketing ideas that you haven't tried before.

  • Bonus: Get It Done Co-working Time


Once you purchase the course, you're invited to attend a co-working session led by best-selling author, Alexandra Franzen.


This session takes places virtually on Zoom. Participate from anywhere in the world. Thursday, January 19, 2023. Start time: 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern. 5 hours. Stay for the entire time, if you want, or pop in for a little bit. 


Choose an important task, clear distractions, and get it done. Accomplish goals in a calm, quiet, supportive community setting. It feels powerful to know that hundreds of people are working with you, at the same time, sending positivity and encouragement.

More Info


The Marketing Without Social Media Course was created by Alexandra Franzen, best-selling author, award-winning editor, and top copywriter—along with her colleagues at Get It Done


There are hundreds of ways to find clients and customers and to bring revenue in the door. Social media is one option, but it is not the only option. There are plenty of other things you can do.


Alex has been a small-business owner for more than 13 years. She deleted all of her social media accounts 8 years ago. She’s known for sharing simple, calm, refreshing marketing advice. Whether you want to quit social media forever, take a temporary break, or cut back and use it less, you’ll love this course.

Want to see more details about The Marketing Without Social Media Course? Visit:


Instant Gratification


Once you purchase the course, check your inbox. You'll get an email immediately with a link and password to get your materials. Instant gratification! No waiting. Dive in right away. 

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