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Is your idea worth publishing?

Hooray! You have an idea for a book!

But is your book idea worth pursuing?

We believe…yes. Of course. Your idea is absolutely worth pursuing. Your idea deserves your time and effort and attention.

But we invite you to ask different questions — ones that are less focused on worth and making money and being successful, more focused on pursuing what brings you joy and feels fun and exciting.

Instead of “Should I write this book?” try:

Am I excited about this idea? Do I think about this idea all the time, especially when I “should” be writing about something else? Does this idea wake me up in the middle of the night? Would I be disappointed if I didn’t bring this idea to life? Would writing this book make me happy?

Did you answer yes to one — or more — of those questions? Fantastic! Your idea is worth pursuing.

That’s because ALL ideas are worth pursuing — as long as you care about them, and they’re meaningful to you.

Yes, even if your idea has been written about before.

Just because there are 10, 20, 100 books on your topic doesn’t mean your idea is any less valuable.

You can still write about it. You can still publish a book about it.

No one else has the same thoughts as you, and no one else in the whole, entire universe can share your idea the way you will. No one else is capable!

And that’s what makes your idea stand out.


Whatever your idea is, whatever you want to say, it’s valid. It’s good. And it’s worth pursuing — whether you keep it close to your heart, share it with your family, or invite the world to read it.

If you feel passionate about an idea, go for it. You don’t need permission. You don’t need anyone else to tell you your idea is good.

All you need is your idea, your passion, and a willingness to make it happen.


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