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The story of how we met.

People often ask, “Alex and Lindsey, how did you meet? How did you start a business together? Where did this all begin?” This is the story of how it all happened… Nearly ten years ago, Lindsey attended a writing workshop that Alex was teaching. Great food. Kind people. Lots of notebooks, pens, and creativity whirling in the air. We hit it off. Instant connection. We discovered that we both share an obsession with corny puns and jokes, writing, publishing, and books (we’re both authors), and most importantly, we both love the legendary children’s TV show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We kept in touch after the workshop. Lindsey kept tempting Alex to come visit her hometown of Pittsburgh. “You know, there’s a Mister Rogers museum exhibit here. You should come visit. I have a guest room ready for you. Just sayin’.” That fateful trip to Pittsburgh was the start of a forever-friendship. Little by little, we collaborated on small projects here and there—co-writing a short book together, producing our first card deck, and teaching classes. We developed a professional relationship and a personal one, too. We sobbed on the phone during hard times and had honest, raw conversations about depression, loss, the grief of losing a parent, marriage, relationships ending, and more. Our connection deepened with each year. We reached that level where you almost don’t have to speak—you just think something and the other person telepathically understands. During the darkest moments of the pandemic in 2020, we both felt called to “do more.” We both wanted to generate more revenue, create more jobs, hire more employees, serve more clients, and do even more positive work in the world. Alex said, “I want to help 10,000 people write a book before I die.” Lindsey added, “Me, too. Plus, I want to help people complete other kinds of creative projects. I love helping people get things done.” We had a lightbulb moment and realized, “We should join forces and run a company together. Let’s do this. For real.” Lindsey said, “I’ll do the paperwork to set us up as an LLC.” Alex said, “I’ll write the language for the website.” Get It Done was officially born on January 1, 2021. We decided our slogan for the year would be: GET IT DONE IN ’21. We got matching posters for our offices, obviously. We’ve both been self-employed for more than a decade, so we’re no strangers to entrepreneurship. But Get It Done is our first official business that we’re co-running, together. Here’s what we’ve learned from this journey so far: - It’s an incredible privilege to co-found a company with someone you love, admire, and trust with your whole heart. - Most meetings can be cancelled and can just be an email, text, or quick audio message instead. - Switching from a 5-day workweek to a 4-day week changes everything. Do it. - You’re pretty lucky if part of your “job” includes “selecting which dog ‘model’ is going to pose in photos next to your products.” - We love revenue. But there are other kinds of victories that have nothing to do with money. Things like: creating a workplace where people feel safe to be themselves. Making promises to clients and keeping them. Prioritizing mental health and encouraging our team to take more time off. These are big wins, too. And that is the story of how we met—and how Get It Done was born. Whether you’ve been a client in the past, or not, you’re part of this story, too. We’re grateful you’re here. The best is yet to come. -Alex, Lindsey, and the Get It Done team


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