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The Tiny Book Course

Start with an idea.

Graduate with a completed book.

We teach you how to write and self-publish a beautiful, professional-quality book. 


More than 650 graduates. 

Perfect for first-time authors who have never written a book before. We break the process down into tiny, simple, doable steps.

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About The Tiny Book Course

  • Beloved Course with Hundreds of Happy Graduates


Our most popular course. More than 650 graduates. We show you how to write and self-publish a beautiful, professional-quality book. And how to sell your book on Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and in brick-and-mortar bookstores, too.

  • Suitable for Any Type of Book 


Your book can be any length and any topic. Graduates have written poetry books, children’s books, how-to books, essay collections, journals, workbooks, and more.


  • Great for First-Time Authors


Perfect for beginners, newbies, and first-time authors who have never written a book before.


  • Tiny Steps Lead to Success 


We break down the process into tiny pieces and guide you along—one step at a time.


  • Online Education and Snail Mail, Too

Course includes an online classroom and a snail-mail box shipped to your home. Participate from anywhere in the world. We have graduates from the US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Singapore, and beyond.


  • Help From Professional Book Coaches 


Course includes 60 days of support from our expert Book Coach team. Email to ask a question. Get a helpful reply in 1-3 business days. 


  • Co-working Time to Get Your Book Done


Course includes 4 virtual, co-working sessions to help you focus and get your book done. Join hundreds of fellow authors. Write, edit, and move forward with your project.

  • Your Book Featured in a Real Bookstore!


When your book is done, it gets featured at One Idea Books & Gifts, our bookstore located at 244 Market Street in Leechburg, Pennsylvania. Your book also gets featured in our online store, in a professional photo shoot, and in a newsletter going out to 20,000 readers. 


  • Finish Your Book at Your Own Pace


Need more time to finish your book? No problem, because all course materials are yours to keep forever! Create your book at your own pace. No rush.

  • More Info


Want more details about The Tiny Book Course, including a sample course schedule and customer reviews? Visit: 

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