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Get more clients and customers, make more money, and run a successful business—but without using social media.


Write and self-publish a beautiful book—any topic you want—and hold the completed book in your hands.

People love our courses on writing, publishing, marketing, and getting things done. 


"Thank you so much. I’ve had 4 people sign up for my coaching program! Doing those little challenges felt BIG and I learned a lot."

-Ana Verzone
The Marketing Without Social Media Course Grad


"Of all the mail I receive in my inbox, yours always feels like a warm hug from a generous friend. You share such thoughtful words and valuable information. I actually have a folder dedicated to saving your emails." 

-Prudence Henschke

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"This course has given me a new direction in life and my career.”

-Mayuri Amarnath

The Tiny Book Course Grad and Author

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"Using one of the templates from this course, I booked a new client yesterday. She responded to my email within a couple of hours!"

-Amanda Gist
The Email Course Grad


“I’ve gained confidence in my abilities and realized I can be more, do more, and share more that I considered before. This is only my beginning.”

-Melanie Barrett
The Tiny Book Course Grad and Author

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“I finished Assignment 1, and within 23 minutes I heard back and sold my 1:1, $1495 program!! Yes, I'm shedding happy tears."

-Dr. Dominique Chlup

The Marketing Without Social Media Course Grad

An award-winning team

At Get It Done, we specialize in writing, publishing, and marketing.


You want to write powerful emails that motivate people to take action? Promote your work confidently and find plenty of clients, customers, or funding for your project? Or finally write that book you've been thinking about? We help you get it done.


Our motto is: today is not over yet. It's never too late to become the person you've always wanted to be, or finish a project you've always wanted to complete. You can do this.


Our team includes best-selling, award-winning authors and editors, talented designers, project managers, writing coaches—some of the coolest, kindest humans you'll ever meet.

Our co-founders, Alex and Lindsey, have been featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, USA Today, Fast Company, Time, Forbes, Newsweek, TEDx stages, Google Talks, and more.

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