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More than 1,000 people, from ages 8 to 80,

have become published authors with our help.
Are you next? 

Our Courses and Kits

We’ve helped hundreds of people create and market best-selling, award-winning projects.

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The Tiny Book Course

Our signature course breaks down the book journey into tiny, achievable steps. Checklists, instructions, and support to get your book written and into the world.

The Book Deal Course

This self-study course shows you how to write a book proposal, find a literary agent, and get a publishing deal.

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The Book Marketing Kit

You wrote a book! Now it’s time to bring it into the world. This self-study kit guides you through creating a marketing plan, so you can sell hundreds (or thousands!) of copies of your book.

The Card Deck Course

Whether you are ready to self-publish your own card deck or are curious about a traditional publishing deal, this course breaks down each path for you, step by step.

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The Marketing Without Social Media Course

Yes, you can run a successful business, find plenty of customers, and make money without social media. This self-study course includes everything you need to get started.

The Email &
Newsletter Kit

This self-study kit offers more than 75 email templates, 75 subject-line examples, and 45 newsletter ideas to promote your course, program, book, service, or anything you sell.

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1-on-1 Services

Work with seasoned professionals who know the publishing industry inside and out.


About Us

Get It Done was founded by award-winning editor and author, Alexandra Franzen, and award-winning author and literary agent, Lindsey Smith.


In the Press

Members of the Get It Done team have been featured in: O, The Oprah Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and beyond.


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