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Meet the Team

Alexandra Franzen, Co-founder


Fun fact: Alex deleted all of her social media accounts 8 years ago. Also, her dog Zuki knows how to do several impressive tricks including dance, spin, shake, wave hello, down, and crawl. 

Best-selling author of 6 books—4 non-fiction books and 2 novels.


Writing teacher who has led workshops in 18 cities around the world.


As a writing coach, consultant, and editor, Alex helps clients to create best-selling and award-winning books that deeply touch readers' lives.

Alex's clients have won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Pinnacle Award, and hit the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List.


Alex's work has been featured in places like Newsweek, Time, Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and The Los Angeles Times.


Pronouns: She/her.


Lindsey Smith, Co-founder


Fun fact: Lindsey dabbles in stand-up comedy. And she once recorded a rap song about the importance of eating healthy vegetables. 

Best-selling, award-winning author of 8 books.


Lindsey’s most recent book, Eat Your Feelings, won a Silver Award at the Living Now Book Awards.


Has worked in pretty much every role in the publishing industry: author, literary agent, publisher, PR/media relations. You name it, she’s done it.


Has helped more than 1,000 people to self-publish a book and become authors.


As seen in: O, the Oprah Magazine, Google Talks, TEDx stages, and beyond.


Pronouns: She/her.


Woz Flint, Director of Operations


Fun fact: Woz collects special editions of Monopoly. With 20 in her collection so far, her favorites are The Goonies and Breaking Bad. Also, she’s obsessed with stickers and washi tape.

Writer, photographer, collage artist, and snail-mail enthusiast.


Woz takes incredible care of our clients. She makes sure that things get done on time, on budget, as joyfully as possible.


Trains and manages new team members, too.


When you’re a client, Woz is dedicated to making sure you stay happy, relaxed, and inspired all throughout the journey.


Pronouns: She/her.


Lucy Giller, Lead Designer


Fun fact: Lucy lives next to a historic amusement park in the heart of Vienna, Austria. When she’s not taking pictures of vintage signs, she can often be found on her favorite ride, the Breakdancer.

Seasoned designer who makes everything look incredible.

Prior to joining Get It Done, Lucy did hand lettering and illustrations for Simon & Schuster, one of the top publishing houses in the world.

Previous job: art director at a home decor and interiors magazine.

Has designed more than 100 book covers and interiors.

Loves doing one-of-a-kind artwork and illustrations for our clients.

Pronouns: She/her.

Tracie Kendziora, Book Coach & Editor


Fun fact: Tracie was an all-star volleyball player in high school and once served all 15 points in a set.

Writer, editor, all-around excellent wordsmith.


Loves reviewing pieces and providing constructive feedback.


As a ghostwriter, Tracie has written for outlets like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Money, Inc., and Time.


Previous job: managing editor for an academic journal. 


Pronouns: She/her.

Winnie Cooper, Zuki, Willa, Olive Pants, Penguin, and Ori, Canine and Feline Support Team


The furry friends who snooze below our desks and keep us calm, happy, healthy, and inspired.

Fun fact: You can email our pets. Send a note to for a special surprise.

A Note from the Founders

Clients often ask us, "Where did Get It Done begin? How did this company get started?"

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