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The Book Deal Course

You don’t want to self-publish your book.


Instead, you want to get a book deal with a traditional publisher like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, or Macmillan. 


This is for you.


This is a self-study course. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.


We show you how to write a book proposal, get a literary agent, and get a publishing deal.

The Book Deal Course Includes:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Book Deal


Video and written lessons to explain: 


1. What is a Publisher?  

2. What is a Book Proposal?

3. What is a Book Manuscript?  

4. What is a Query Letter?

5. What is a Literary Agent?  

6. What is a Book Deal?

7. What is a Book Advance?

8. What are the Steps to Getting a Book Deal?  

9. Is it Possible to Get a Book Deal Even if You Don't Have a Big Following/Audience Yet?  

10. What if You Can't Find a Publisher Who Wants to Offer You a Deal?  

11. How Long Will It Take to Get a Book Deal?  

12. What are the Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing? 


Everything you need to know, summed up clearly and briefly. Perfect for beginners and first-time authors.

  • 5 Successful Proposals That Led to Book Deals


Take a peek at 5 real-life book proposals that led to lucrative book deals with HarperCollins, Macmillan, Chronicle, Mango Press, and Potter Style (an imprint of Penguin Random House). Excellent examples to inspire you, as you create your own proposal.

  • Non-Fiction Book Proposal Template


Fill-in-the-blank template to create your winning book proposal. Follow the instructions inside to fill out each section and then your proposal is done!

  • Non-Fiction Query Letter Template


Fill-in-the-blank template to write an excellent query letter that will get a literary agent's attention. Plus, 6 examples of real-life queries to inspire you.

  • The #1 Key to Getting a Book Deal


Learn the #1 most important thing you need to do, as an author, to impress a publisher and get offered a deal.

  • Tips for Authors with Small Audiences


You don't have 100K followers on social media or a gigantic mailing list? That's okay. Learn how to position your book, so it’s attractive to a publisher, even if you don’t have a huge audience...yet!

  • Where (and How) to Find a Literary Agent


List of 5 places where you can find an agent to represent you. 

  • 30 Publishers Seeking Book Submissions Right Now


List of 30 publishers that you can contact to share your book idea to see if they’re interested in offering you a deal. These particular publishers accept submissions directly from authors, which means having an agent is not required.

  • Bonus: Q&A with Two Best-selling Authors

Once you purchase the course, you're invited to attend a Q&A session led by best-selling authors Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith. Ask your top question about writing, publishing, dealing with rejection or perfectionism, or anything you want to know. Submit your question in advance. Every question will be answered!


  • Bonus: Get Feedback from a Literary Agent on Your Query Letter


You wrote your query letter and are wondering, "Is this good? Could it be better? Is there something I'm missing?" Submit your query draft and get feedback from a professional literary agent. 


About the Course


The Book Deal Course was created by Lindsey Smith, best-selling and award-winning author, founder of One Idea Press, and literary agent with Speilburg Literary Agency—along with Alexandra Franzen, best-selling author, top ghostwriter, and award-winning book editor.


Instant Gratification


Once you purchase the course, check your inbox. You'll get an email immediately with a link and password to get into the course. Instant gratification! No waiting. Dive in right away.

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