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It took thirty years to create this book.

At Get It Done, we love shining a spotlight on our clients and their beautiful projects.

Today, we’re highlighting Susan Clarke, author of Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep.

It’s a memoir about Susan’s journey through cancer. A book with tremendous emotional power.

It took Susan thirty years to complete this manuscript. Certain projects cannot be rushed. Some need to unfold in their own time. And, now, the book is done and impacting readers strongly.

Susan, you did it! Congratulations on completing your new book. How does it feel?

This is actually my third book. This time, it’s a memoir and much more personal. Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep has taken more than thirty years to get across the finish line. Putting these stories out in the world feels like a major milestone for me.

Tell everyone about the book. What’s it about? What will readers find inside?

I was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and was told I probably wouldn’t survive. But I did. That experience shaped my perspective on life in major ways.

Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep is a book about my journey to wholeness.

It’s not a linear story—it weaves poetry and prose into stories, and the emerging and unfolding fractal patterns that allow me to live forward, connect, and not stay stuck in rightness and wrongness.

Creating this book was a cathartic and healing experience for me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

You mentioned that this isn’t your first book. Tell folks about your earlier work.

Along with CrisMarie (my business partner and life partner), I co-wrote two books, The Beauty of Conflict for Teams and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples.

These two books discuss how to manage conflict in a productive way. We teach readers that conflict can actually be a beautiful thing—a source of energy, new ideas, and creative solutions.

However, writing my memoir felt like a much bigger challenge than those previous books. I struggled. Between my dyslexic style and the fear of putting myself (or others) in harm’s way, there always seemed to be a reason to not get it done.

But eventually, you did get it done. What helped you to finally complete this memoir?

Working with the Get It Done team was so helpful.

I loved working with Andrew (managing editor), and when I explained things to them, like, “I want this book to feel like a particular song list,” they just got it. I felt seen and understood. It was a joy to create this book in collaboration with a team instead of working all alone.

I also loved working with Lucy (lead designer) and her willingness to use my dear friend’s artwork when putting the cover together.

Imagine someone out there who dreams of writing a book. But this person feels like: “I’m nobody special,” “I’m not a very good writer,” “Who would want to read my book anyway?” What would you say to this person?

Here's the deal. I felt like that completely.

If writing inspires you, and you long to share your story, that is worth it. That is what sends light and music out into the world.

It’s not about being special, perfect, or amazing—it’s about being real and letting your words come to life and ring out in the world.

How have readers responded to your memoir?

On book launch day, I had the privilege to have so many friends talk about the impact of being on this journey with me. Wow, that was so special.

One woman said she couldn’t put it down and had tears streaming down her face.

Finally, I had a magical moment sharing one of the chapters with my mother and sisters. We laughed, we cried, and since this is my personal story, that was simply MAGIC!

Any closing words you’d like to share?

Don’t give up on your process. Think of your writing like a fractal—a repeating pattern in nature that keeps evolving, like the spiraling of a conch shell.

Continue to lean into whatever is emerging, even if it looks “crazy” or “cracked.”

You are not broken, so don’t falter. Breathe, connect, live, and write into what comes next.


Congratulations on this incredible achievement, Susan. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Check out the book. Read it. Tell a friend about it. Support independent authors and their work. Even better, send Susan a note to say, “Congratulations!” or to share how this book has impacted you.


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