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You want to write a book.
We help you get it done.

We work with clients to create powerful books that make a difference in readers’ lives.


Whether you want to self-publish your book—or get a book deal with a traditional publisher—we help you achieve your goals.


We’ve helped our clients to create best-selling, award-winning projects.


Let’s bring your book into the world.


The Tiny Book Course

Start with an idea.

Graduate with a completed book.

We teach you how to write and self-publish a beautiful, professional-quality book. 


More than 650 graduates. 

Perfect for first-time authors who have never written a book before. We break the process into tiny, simple, doable steps.

The Book Deal Course

You don’t want to self-publish your book.


Instead, you want to get a book deal with a traditional publisher like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, or Macmillan. 


This is for you.


This is a self-study course. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.


We show you how to write a book proposal, get a literary agent, and get a publishing deal.

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The Book Marketing Kit

You wrote a book. Congratulations! 


The next step is to bring your book into the world. 


This kit shows you how to create a marketing plan for your book, so you can sell hundreds or thousands of copies. 


Whether you want to do a “quiet launch” and keep things chill and intimate, or a “big splashy launch” with lots of excitement and fanfare, this kit gives you excellent ideas and steps to take.

This is a self-study kit. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.

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The Email & Newsletter Kit

This kit shows you how to write excellent emails and newsletters to promote your book, product, service, course, program, or anything that you sell. 


Kit includes more than 75 email templates, 75 subject-line examples, and 45 newsletter ideas written by expert copywriter, Alexandra Franzen.


Enjoy fill-in-the-blank formats, which make writing speedier and easier.

This is a self-study kit. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.

The Marketing Without Media Course

Is it possible to run a successful business, find plenty of clients and customers, and generate revenue—without using social media?




This course shows the way.

This is a self-study course. You get all materials immediately. Go at your own pace.

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Take a Look

Memoirs. How-to books. Poetry collections. Cookbooks. Workbooks. Journals.


We’ve done it all.


Take a look at recent projects.


See rave reviews from our clients.

The Get It Done Team

Award-winning editors. Seasoned designers. Publishing-industry veterans.


When you choose Get It Done, you’re working with the best in the industry.


In the Press

Get It Done co-founders—Lindsey and Alex—have been featured O, The Oprah Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and beyond.


Awards and Credentials

When you choose Get It Done, you get a seasoned team with impressive credentials.


Lindsey and Alex, Get It Done’s co-founders, have worked with clients to create dozens of best-selling and award-winning books.


The Get It Done Newsletter

Inspiring true stories. Tips on writing, focusing, and getting things done.

Plus, special announcements and pricing only for newsletter readers.

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